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  • Larry Thomas
    May 3, 2004
      At 10:59 AM 5/3/04 -0500, you wrote:
      >Works exactly as advertised. Great.
      >I see many clips with multiple lines beginning ^!Set. What are we setting
      in those lines. Why use Set? If this is too basic to be answered here
      that is OK. I understand I am just trying to learn the ABC's and asking a
      Doctor of English to teach me the ABC's. :-) After all you cannot build a
      word until you know the ABC's and you cannot make a sentence until you have
      a vocabulary of words and neither can I write much of a clip until I
      understand what each symbol means and what it does and then build a
      vocabulary of clip parts and actions. Does this make any sense at all?

      You are seeing the clip storing information in a named memory location
      called a variable. The informaation can be a value (any number) or a
      string (a group of characters). A number can be treated either as a value
      as in 2 + 2 or as a string as in "2 + 2" which is actually five characters
      - a two folloed by a space followed by a + followed by a space followed by
      a two.

      You can define any variable by using the ^!Set Command with the variable
      name you choose enclosed in percent characters. Example:

      ^!Set %Name%=Ed Brown

      Creates a variable named %Name% which contains the string "Ed Brown". To
      use the variable in a clip you just place and circumflex (^) in front of
      it. Example:


      Placed on a line by itself will insert the string "Ed Brown" into the
      currently open document at the current cursor position.

      You can learn all about variables by going to the main help file. Go to
      the menu bar and select Help/Help Topics.

      Go down the left panel to "Reference Information" and under that go to
      "Tools" and under that go to "Editor Clipbook" and under that go to "Clip
      Programming". On the right panel go down the page until you come to "Clip
      Language - Variables" and click on it. This will give you all of the
      information on variables and how to use them.

      Go down the left panel to "Reference Information" and under that go to
      "Dialog Boxes" and underr that go to "Regular Expressions" and you will see
      all of the information about how regular expressions work.


      lrt@... e¿ê
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