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11885Re: [Clip] word count

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  • Larry Thomas
    May 3, 2004
      Hi Ed,

      At 11:36 PM 5/2/04 -0500, you wrote:
      >before you run the clip.
      >>Don't change anything, the tabs must be in place for the clip to work.
      >>The only thing that gave me an error a line with a first word that was
      >too long.
      >>That could be worked around, I think, by adding the line,
      >^!SetErrorLabel NEXT, near the top of the clip.
      >I would like to put the tabs back in place, I set them larger. But now I
      do not see a way to reset them to the original settings. I will try the
      clip line near the top and see what happens.

      There is another way with clips using ^!Keyboard commands to set and reset
      tabs. You do this manually from the menu bar on the current document only
      by selecting Document/Properties and then setting the tab size from there.
      The clip commands would be:

      ______[Copy below this line]_______
      H="Set Tab Size to 35"
      ^!Keyboard Alt+D P &100 Alt+S #35# Enter

      H="Restore Default Tab Size"
      ^!Keyboard Alt+D P &100 Alt+S Delete Enter
      _____[Copy above this line]______
      | right click over the clipbook |
      | and choose "Add from Clipboard" |

      You might have to change the &100 delay to a different number depending on
      your computer's setup speed.


      lrt@... e¿ê
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