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11742Re: [NTB] show hex equivalent

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  • Larry Thomas
    Apr 13, 2004
      Hi Pete,

      At 05:37 PM 4/13/04 -0400, you wrote:
      >Does NoteTab (either Pro or Lite) have a feature (built-in or one of the
      included clips) that will allow me to see the hexadecimal equivalent of
      selected characters in a file? I think that would help me figure out what
      is going on in the following situation:
      >Under Windows XP Home, I highlight and copy (from a browser) some text
      that includes a character that looks like a single rounded quotation mark
      (it is not the usual apostrophe character). It gets pasted into NoteTab Pro
      via the Paste Board, where it continues to look the same. I modify some of
      the text and then copy it (including that character) from NoteTab. I go
      back to the browser and paste the text into a text input box. The character
      in question now shows up as a question mark (though I don't know for sure
      that it is the ordinary question mark.) When I hit submit, it appears to
      remain a question mark.
      >I would like to be able to see the hex so I can precisely identify the
      various characters involved. Also, if anyone can tell me from my
      description what is happening, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
      >(If the answer requires that I go to the clips list, I will, but I'm
      already overwhelmed with e-mail, and I've still got plenty to learn about
      NoteTab basic, so I hope that's not necessary.)

      The clips below will do it:

      ______[Copy below this line]_______
      H="Get Char Info"
      ;lrt@... e¿ê
      ;04/13/2004, 06:41:24 PM
      ;----------------------[begin long line]---------------------------
      ^!Info [L]Char ^$GetChar$^pDec ^$CharToDec(^$GetChar$)$^pHex
      ;-----------------------[end long line]----------------------------
      _____[Copy above this line]______
      | right click over the clipbook |
      | and choose "Add from Clipboard" |

      ______[Copy below this line]_______
      H="Get Char Info2"
      ;lrt@... e¿ê
      ;04/13/2004, 06:42:56 PM
      ;----------------------[begin long line]---------------------------
      ^!Info [L]Dec Hex Char^p^$StrCopy("^$CharToDec(^$GetChar$)$
      ";1;10)$^$IntToHex(^$CharToDec(^$GetChar$)$)$ ^$GetChar$
      ;-----------------------[end long line]----------------------------
      _____[Copy above this line]______
      | right click over the clipbook |
      | and choose "Add from Clipboard" |

      I am posting this to the clips list and a cc to you by private email. The
      listowner, Jody Adair, requestes that we avoid posting even small clips to
      the basic list.

      To subscribe to the clips list, send an empty post to:

      The NoteTab Clips List............ ntb-Clips-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com

      Message from Jody Adair to another listmember on the "Basic"
      List dated January 24,2004

      If you sign up for any of the discussion lists, please do *not*
      post questions about Clips and other scripting languages on the
      Basic list. More difficult tasks should be posted on the Clips or
      Scripts lists. HTML should be posted on the HTML list and Off
      Topic discussion takes place on that list. Easy Thumbnails, Easy
      Imager, and Album Express list are for discussion of those
      programs. The most important thing to remember is please leave
      the Basic list for the *very basic* use of NoteTab. The other
      lists are a lot more flexible for instance Clips can be/and are
      welcomed on the HTML list. Thanks!!!

      Discussion mailing list subscribing and un-subscribing:

      The NoteTabbers Assistant Page (Useful Libraries and Clips for
      NoteTab, an excellent text and HTML editor): http://www.notetab.net

      Fookes Software Home Page via Jody's affiliate link:

      End of Jody's message:


      lrt@... e¿ê
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