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11729Re: [Clip] Hilite/underline one word

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  • Larry Thomas
    Mar 23, 2004
      Hi Richard,

      At 10:20 AM 3/23/04 -0000, you wrote:
      >When I do www. this and what follows until a space is entered gets
      >unlines and changed to colour blue when the period is added. Is there
      >a way in a future release where if a special character is entered
      >what follows is uscored/hiligited.
      >I know that it may be impossible to decide what special character to
      >use that is not used normally with so many users of the product out
      >there,,,,, or can a clip be created to do this sort of hi-lighting
      >where the character can be user defined?
      >I know I can do what I want in word/wordpad/htlm coding, its just
      >that I like this product so much better.

      I stand by what I said previously in that this program is a plain ascii
      text editor and as such it cannot do the colors and underline, etc. So
      where are you getting the blue underlined text? Well I failed to take into
      account that NoteTab will highlight HTML code in an HTML document including
      links and tags. It also underscors hyperlinked web addresses. This is a
      built in feature of NoteTab for users to create web pages more easily. It
      is limited to what you see with the blue color and the underscore on the
      web addresses. Eric plans to add the ability for the user to do some
      customization of these tags in a future version but for now this is all
      there is. Even then, NoteTab will not be allowing you to select any word
      you want for underlining or coloring because that is just not what Eric has
      in mind for it.

      There is a capability with limits, for the program to display italic
      characters. But this is an all or nothing function. You can change the
      font for the whole document to be displayed in bold face or italic or both
      but since this is a plain ascii text editor, the codes are not stored in
      the document. The result is that you can only change the display for the
      whole document and not for parts of it as you can in a word processor such
      as Wordpad.

      Also, the blue underlined text does not print in color or underlined as it
      appears on screen. In other words, the feature is a display for the web
      page designer only and is not sent to the printer.


      lrt@... e¿ê
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