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11659Re: I forgot how to make clips

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  • clueless in seattle
    Mar 6, 2004
      If at first you don't succeed....

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      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, Larry Thomas <larryt@c...> wrote:

      > You are entitled to a free upgrade to the latest version of NoteTab
      > is 4.95)

      Hi Larry! I remember you from the "good old days," back before my
      health headed south, but that's another story.

      I download version 4.95, but it won't install. I get a message
      saying I don't have a registered version on this computer. I'm not
      using the same computer I was using a couple of years ago. Back then
      I was still able to sit up and work at my desktop computer, but now I
      have to work in bed on a hand-me-down laptop. So I installed r.76c
      from a floppy I copied from my desktop.

      I've got 4.76c installed and running on the laptop, but I guess I'm
      missing some kind of registration i.d. file. Do you know what it
      might look like so I can hunt for it on my desktop computer? I still
      have the computer but seldom turn it on anymore. I just can't sit up
      at the computer anymore because of chronic pain.

      > The latest version (4.95) has added the feature that allows you to
      > your own shortcut keys either short-term with a special command or
      you can
      > add the shortcut you want to a new .dat file called Shortcut.dat in
      > home folder for the program.

      You must be a mind reader. I was going to post a note to Eric asking
      for exactly that feature.

      It's good to be back in touch again. I remember you as being one of
      the guys I got a lot of help from back when I was first learning my
      way around NTP. Using it again feels sort of like coming home.
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