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11555Re: Creating new Auto Replace Library

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  • John Zeman
    Feb 12, 2004
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      Hi Bob,

      I'm not up on my square dancing moves, nor any of the names for them,
      but perhaps the simplest of all clip programming may be of some
      interest to you if AutoCorrect doesn't do what you want.

      Create a new blank clip library (TOOLS/CLIPBOOK/NEW LIBRARY) save it
      with a name called SD-Moves, then close it. You should see SD-Moves
      in the button bar at the bottom then. Click on SD-Moves and in that
      library create a new clip giving it any name you want for a square
      dance move. For the rest of the clip just type in the text you want,
      including any line breaks in the text (you don't need to use any clip
      programming, just plain ol' text in this case).

      To use the clip just double clip on the clip name (or drag and drop
      it to your document) and your text will be inserted where you told it
      to be inserted. For multiple dance moves, just keep dragging and
      dropping (or double clicking) the square dance moves clip names into
      your document.

      For example, you could have a clip named sq4

      And the rest of the clip (starting with the line below the name of
      sq4) would be the plain text of:

      --SqTh4 (active dancers Square Thru 4)

      To use it, just have your cursor where you want it, and double click
      the clip name sq4 and POOF!

      --SqTh4 (active dancers Square Thru 4)

      Will be inserted into your document.


      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "summers_bob" <summers_bob@y...>
      > Thanks Hugo
      > The first idea with the backspace works as you predicted. If my
      > trigger letters start on a new line, the "backspace" character
      > up over the carriage return and my text is added after the text on
      > the line above.
      > Your second solution works regardless of where it is used.
      > Unfortunately I would have liked the "action" to take place WHEN
      > DANCER abbreviation is typed (eg, H for Heads) rather than when the
      > following MOVE abbreviation is typed. However, when using the
      > backspace with the dancer abbreviation H-, the "-" is back over
      > and "replaced" with the <space> that I typed to triggering the
      > AutoReplace in the first place, so the result is "H SqTh4" rather
      > than "H-SqTh4".
      > This is not actually too bad for a visual result, but unfortunately
      > the clip syntax would have to be added to about 250 move
      > abbreviations...
      > ^!Set %Line%=^$strTrim(^$GetLine$)$
      > ^!Select Line
      > ^%Line%SqTh4
      > Perhaps a simpler solution for me is to add a unique character
      > (eg, "#") AFTER the dancer abbreviation so that "h" produces "H-
      > Then I can globally replace all "#<space>" combinations later with
      > <nothing>.
      > It looks like NoteTab is a really great program for text with all
      > this capability.
      > Bob Summers
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