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  • Ed Brown
    Jan 7, 2004
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      Hi everyone,
      I am using NoteTab Pro 4.92 Full Version, with Win2K, Word 97 and need an
      idea of the path to the fonts. I am learning clips and working on the first
      assignment as given below. Following the lesson are some questions that I

      1. Create a new Library.
      2. Create a Clip with a single wizard field having three items in it.
      3. Make the second item the default.
      4. Open a new document
      5. Ensure the Clip works correctly; one of your items prints in document.
      6. Add a second wizard field to the Clip.
      7. Add two items to choose from in it.
      8. Make them so *you have to choose* one of them.
      9. Launch Notepad with the focused temporary document in it.
      10. Make the Clip stop executing until Notepad is closed.
      11. When you close Notepad have the Clip make a New Document in NoteTab.

      Commands and wizard codes needed:

      (_, =, ==)

      ^!Toolbar New Document

      Hint: All the above are in the correct order to do the assignment except two
      are reversed.

      I have no problem until I get to step 9. How do I launch Notepad and what in
      tarnation is a "focused temporary document." The word focused is throwing

      Why is it necessary to make the clip stop executing until notepad is closed.
      Should the clip also close Notepad? How do I then cause the clip to make a
      new document in Notepad? There was an example of how to the first eight
      steps and those are fairly simple. But I did not find any examples of make
      clips do things after step 8.
      In the commands and wizards that need to be used, how do the commas work,
      the clip I have started seems to work good without the commas.

      I will appreciate in light and examples that you can throw on this lesson. I
      am trying to go from a simple list like coffee, tea, coke with the second
      part cream and sugar | straight to something I can use like selecting from 3
      fonts in a list of Fonts so I can select fonts in the first part and in the
      second part choose either italic or not italic but I can not find the fonts
      on this computer.
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