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11466Re: SV: [Clip] A problem with SetDocIndex

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  • Sheri
    Jan 5, 2004
      Hi Jody,

      I guess something I had done in clip-edit (i.e., while editing the [Clips] document) was causing it not to use default properties, so my changing the options default to Trim White Spaces had no effect. Maybe that had happened to Mangus too. I've discovered that even clicking Wordwrap on the toolbar disables default properties for the current document. There is only one set of properties that applies to the [Clips] document; it doesn't matter which library is active. New clippers should be warned to set Trim White Spaces in Document|Properties for [Clips] as well as in Options.

      IMO it would be helpful if the post-install default for Trim White Spaces was "on" instead of "off". Then unless the user changed that particular default option prior to ever using clip-edit he'd be all set. Just a thought for future versions :)

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