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11456Re: SV: [Clip] A problem with SetDocIndex

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  • Sheri
    Jan 5, 2004
      Hi Jody,

      At 08:01 AM 1/5/2004 -0600, you wrote:

      >Good find Sheri, (even though you sent my eMail to your trash box
      >awhile back.) <g>

      I'm innocent, my computer did it all by itself. <BG>

      >So, when we get Clips or make them, every time they are saved,
      >the trailing white spaces (just a regular <space>) at the end of
      >the lines are removed. The only time that will cause you a
      >problem with Clips is if you really want a space at the end. All
      >you need to remember then is if you want the space (or more)
      >there you add the preset variable ^%Space%, one for every space
      >you want. (The setting also effects regular document line endings.)

      I have just recently installed NTP on XP, and had not changed the default setting so trailing blanks were not being trimmed.

      However, having now enabled it (in NTP 4.95), and after deleting and reloading Mangus's clip library a few times, I think trimming blanks must apply only to documents and not to clip libraries (unless you happen to open the clip library as if it were a document, re-save it and reload it). I made another change to his library (in Clip Edit), saved the clip, closed and reopened NTP, and the space was still there.

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