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11455Re: SV: SV: [Clip] A problem with SetDocIndex

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  • Sheri
    Jan 5, 2004
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      At 02:49 PM 1/5/2004 +0100, you wrote:
      >Thanks Sheri.
      >I'm really sorry to have bothered you all with this! The importance of
      >removing leading and trailing spaces was pointed out by Larry the day after
      >I first posted my problem. I was absolutely sure that I had checked it and
      >also used "Trim Blanks". I obviously hadn't.

      Hi Mangus,

      We've all been there, so don't let it trouble you. One of the advantages of NoteTab Pro over the other variants is the ability to turn "on" non-printing spaces, which in most cases makes things like that stand out. You can enable it on the View tab in Options (Show Nonprinting Text).

      I will make a couple of suggestions about your clip. Since the only reason you are bouncing back and forth between documents is to add text from variables, I think it would be faster and more efficient to use ^!AppendtoFile. Whatever file name you choose, you could Close that file and delete it (if it exists) at the beginning of your clip, and Open it for viewing at the end of your clip. Also, you will find that there are clip instructions that will allow you to move the cursor anywhere you want it in your document without using ^!Keyboard commands. Although the ^!Keyboard commands may seem convenient, they are subject to focus and timing issues that can sometimes cause unexpected results.

      Have fun,
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