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11454Re: SV: [Clip] A problem with SetDocIndex

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  • Jody
    Jan 5, 2004
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      Hi Sheri and Magnus,

      >> Well then, I guess the problem is in my computer. I will work
      >> around the problem by replacing ^%newindex% with the proper
      >> number.
      >Whoa! Hold on there <g>

      Good find Sheri, (even though you sent my eMail to your trash box
      awhile back.) <g>

      Definitely agreed; I just said it worked fine here. <g> Magnus,
      You must have missed one of the first few posts mentioning for
      you to check for spaces at the end of the lines. The reason why a
      lot of us miss that in actual testing is because we have the
      setting in Options | Documents | Trim White Spaces checked. It
      does the following:

      Trim White Spaces: Spaces at the end of paragraphs are removed
      when the document is saved.

      So, when we get Clips or make them, every time they are saved,
      the trailing white spaces (just a regular <space>) at the end of
      the lines are removed. The only time that will cause you a
      problem with Clips is if you really want a space at the end. All
      you need to remember then is if you want the space (or more)
      there you add the preset variable ^%Space%, one for every space
      you want. (The setting also effects regular document line endings.)

      FWIW, you could have just posted your Clip on the list. :)
      Somebody might have spotted it sooner like that probably saving
      you a lot of headaches. The data wasn't really necessary to start
      with, that is, to just take a quick look at the Clip. Later
      somebody might have requested you send a few lines of the data
      file to the list. Anyway, your Clip will run a lot faster if you
      add the couple lines to the top like I mentioned. Good luck!

      >It does not work here.
      >The problem you have with ^!SetDocIndex is on line 13 of your clip:
      >^!Set %newindex%=^$GetDocIndex$
      >There is a space after ^$GetDocIndex$

      Happy Clip'n!

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