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11328Re: [Clip] Syntax question

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  • Larry Thomas
    Dec 2, 2003
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      Hi Michael,

      At 03:37 PM 12/1/03 -0000, you wrote:
      >Is there any way to set the width of a clip wizard window? I'm
      >working on modifying the ExamDiff clip that i have to display the
      >full paths to the files (it displays a list of all open documents
      >from which you can choose which two to compare) but I'm having
      >trouble displaying the clip wizard window with enough rows and width
      >to avoid having the scroll bars.

      There is a way to do this. You set the title of the clip to a long name
      and the width of the name will cause the wizard to be wider to accomodate
      the title. There is a limit but I cannot tell you just what it is. You
      will have to experiment with it. If you go beyond the limit, the wizard
      window will return to the narrower width. What I do is rename the clip to
      give it the wider title or I use the command:

      ^!SetWizardTitle "TitleText"
      You can change the default title of Clip Wizards generated from ^?{}
      prompts, and the title of the messages boxes created by the ^!Info command.
      The scope of this setting is limited to the Clip where it is used. This
      command must be placed before the ^?{} prompts they should apply to. Assign
      a blank string to restore the default title.

      You can pad a title with spaces but it is my experience that you must have
      some printable text on the right end of the title.


      MY LONG TITLE -->>

      The spaces alone will not make the wizard wider but the spaces with the
      -->> on the right end of it will.


      lrt@... e¿ê
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