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11302Re: [Clip] Syntax question

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  • Larry Thomas
    Nov 30, 2003
      Hi Michael,

      At 09:52 PM 11/30/03 -0000, you wrote:
      >I use NoteTab every day but only break into the clip programming
      >when I need it to get something accomplished (and I have been using
      >NoteTab so long it's been a while since I need to write a new clip).
      >I'm currently looking to modify the clip book for use with ExamDiff.
      >It includes this line:
      >^!Append b=|^$GetName(^%Path%)^=^%i%
      >I think I understand what ^!Append does, but can someone explain the
      >syntax of that line to me? What does the | do (in the =|). What
      >does ^=^ represent (help file won't let you search on that string)?

      I am not too sure about this but the line above appears to be appending to
      a variable that is being used in a clip wizard. The pipe symbol (|) is
      generally used as a delimiter between items in a list in a clip wizard.
      The ^= reprensents a substitution of one thing in place of a name. In this
      case, when the wizard is opened, what will appear in the wizard will be
      what is represented by ^$GetName(^%Path%)$ and what will actually be used
      if you select that item will be whatever is in the variable ^%1%.


      H="List field #2 List Box"
      ^!Info ^?[First==First^=189|Second^=544|Third^=17]

      If you run this clip, you will get a wizard that will display three items
      identified a First, Second, and Third. If you select the item identified
      as First then the infobox will display 189 instead of displaying First and
      it will display 544 instead of Second and 17 instead of Third. You can add
      this clip to your library and run it to see how it works. It is not
      destructive and will not harm any documents. It just shows you how a
      wizard like this works.

      This line appears to have missing syntax characters:

      ^!Append b=|^$GetName(^%Path%)^=^%i%

      It should be:

      ^!Append %b%=|^$GetName(^%Path%)$^=^%i%

      Note that I added a percent sign before and after the variable ^%b% and a
      dollar sign at the end of the function ^$GetName(^%path%)$ as I think that
      this is an oversight by the author or a typo on your part in this post.


      lrt@... e¿ê
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