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11154Re: [Clip] SAVE AS DEFAULT

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  • Jim Hall
    Nov 5, 2003
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      There are actually three parts to this process.

      First is to determine which filter is the default for the display of files.

      Second is to determine which extension is the default for a given filter.

      Third is to determine the default extension used in the SAVE AS command if no extension is currently present in the FILENAME pick box.

      All of these are set up in OPTIONS>FILE FILTERS

      The filters are listed on the left side of the window.

      The DISPLAY DEFAULT for SAVE AS is the FIRST one listed (as in TOP of the list).
      The DISPLAY DEFAULT for OPEN is the LAST one listed (as in BOTTOM of the list).

      These can be dragged and dropped up and down to change the order that they are listed in or select the desired listing and use the MOVE buttons.

      Within the Filter listing, the FIRST extension listed is the DEFAULT and can be changed by editing the WILD CARDS window. It is a little difficult to tell sometimes but the delimiters here are semi colons.

      The Description window just changes the human readable description that you see when you select OPEN or SAVE AS and is normally changed to match the WILD CARDS definition.

      The DEFAULT EXTENSION used in the SAVE (for new documents) or SAVE AS command is determined by the entry in the DEFAULT EXTENSION window. This can have an entry (no period "dot" required) or be left blank and if changed during a session will be immediately effective.

      When left blank, no extension is automatically applied and one can simply type in the desired extension.

      As to the IF/THEN situation, NoteTab uses the file extension to determine that a file is HTML text rather than Plain text. (Catch 22)

      The FILE FILTER parameters are stored in the NoteTab.INI file so it is technically possible to create a Clip that would search the document for HTML tags and switch .INI files or just those parameters but it will be a little messy and will require about the same number of keystrokes to accomplish and may take longer (while the clip searches the document) than just typing in an extension.

      If you normally want to have files saved as HTML then set the DEFAULT EXTENSION to HTML and when you want to save a file as .TXT, just delete the HTML and type in TXT in the FILENAME window of the SAVE AS dialog box.

      At 08:35 AM 11/5/2003 -0800, you wrote:
      >Is there a way to select *.htm instead of *.txt as the default saving
      >I would lie to set it as selectable, or perhaps have some code within
      >thetemplate that tells the process that it is html encoded text other
      >than "plain" text.
      >Perhaps a IF-then Process? Like "IF the </HTML> is found THEN set
      >doocument save default to *.htm"?
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