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11123Re: reg exp & clip solution

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  • benb_i26up@xemaps.com
    Nov 1, 2003
      On Friday, Oct 31, 2003
      BHCS wrote regarding "reg exp & clip solution";

      > I need some help with the following problem: I get several csv files
      > from employees/contractors periodically in this form (exported from a
      > Palm app)...
      > "Consult","Talk to Pam re JM > 1hr","IMCO","Office","07/11/2003","00859.9","00861.6","1.7"
      > "Consult","Missed Foster/A&L re software > n/c ","CCACPC","IMCO","07/11/2003","00861.6","00876.5","14.9"
      > "Trblshoot/repair","Took Caroles sys to shop for repairs/upgrades > 75hr","Design Res.","CCACPC","07/11/2003","00876.5","00878.9","2.4"
      > "Consult","re Win vs Linux server opts > 2hrs","Mather Agency","Design Res.","07/11/2003","00878.9","00879.3",".4"
      > "Cinco fillup.","$14.85/9.1g/$1.639/ck","Sunset ARCO","Mather Agency","07/11/2003","00879.3","00889.2","9.9"

      Hi Bill,

      Something like this may do what you want;

      H="Extract client data"
      ^!Set %client%=^?[Enter client name]
      ^!Set %tempfile%=^$GetTempFile$
      ^!Jump Doc_Start
      ^!Find "".*",".*","^%client%",".*",".*",".*",".*",".*"" RS
      ^!IfError finish
      ^!AppendToFile "^%tempfile%" ^$GetSelection$^%NL%
      ^!GoTo repeat
      ^!Open ^%tempfile%
      ^!SetWizardLabel "Save to R:\Clients\BillableHrs\"
      ^!RenameDoc ^?{As:=^%client%.txt}
      ^!Save As "R:\Clients\BillableHrs\^$GetFileName(^**)$"

      Ben B
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