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11038The operation of ^%NL%

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  • Roy/Nancy Herring
    Oct 2, 2003
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      I have a question on the operation of ^%NL%.
      I have a simple clip below that deletes blank lines.
      It works fine, but if a line contains an equal sign (=), it thinks
      it is a null line and deletes it.
      Can anyone help?
      Thanks, Roy

      For example, in the file below, b= gets deleted:

      ^!Set %Row%=0
      ^!Inc %Row%
      ^!SetCursor ^%Row%:1
      ^!Set %MaxRow%=^$GetTextLineCount$
      ^!If ^%Row% >= ^%MaxRow% BumpRowEnd
      ^!If ^$GetLine$ <> ^%NL% ^!GoTo BumpRow
      ^!GoTo Getline

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