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11008Re: Play List on RealPlayer and other players (enhanced version)

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  • hugo_paulissen
    Sep 26, 2003
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      > Hi Sheri,
      > Is there a reverse clip, i.e. one that converts an m3u file to, for
      > example, tab delimited text?
      > Will appreciate.

      Hi Piotr,

      That shouldn't be hard to write.

      http://hanna.pyxidis.org/tech/m3u.html gives an overview of the
      fileformat for m3u files, which is very straightforward. Other sites
      may have further details.

      But in the meantime, check out foobar2000 as well
      (www.foobar2000.org); it is a very nice lightweight audioplayer with
      a very familiar interface for most of us. Playlists can very easily
      managed through tabs, where other players suffer from an overdesigned


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