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10977Re: How do I define a custom hot key to run a clip?

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  • hugo_paulissen
    Sep 2, 2003
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      > Is there no sequence of menu options
      > that can lead to the selection and invocation of a particular Clip
      > the shortcuts.dat file?

      Hi Jamal,

      We all agree that this would be a real freature for a future version.
      I think that this is hard or impossible to do, in the current
      version. There may be other possibilities but you could think of
      using the Escape key to invoke the "in-context clipbook". With the
      use of smart names you could easily select a clip to be run with a
      couple of keyboard strokes (however, they require the ENTER key to be

      Suppose you have a clipbook with a bunch of clips (a preview follows
      at the end of this message)... Now, with the key "Esc-1-Enter" you
      would run the first clip, in this case it finds the previous
      PageBreak after which it jumps to the beginning of the next line;
      whereas "Esc-2-Enter" would find the next Pagebreak.

      H="1 - Previous Pagebreak"
      ^!Find ^B TIB
      ^!Find ^B TIB
      ^!Jump +1

      H="2 - Next PageBreak"
      ^!Find ^B TI
      ^!Jump +1

      Maybe this will give you some ideas to play with. If you would have
      the two clips as the first and the last in your clipbook you could
      actually use "Esc-CTRL+PAGEUP-ENTER" and "Esc-CTRL+PAGEDOWN-ENTER" as
      an alternative for real shortcuts...


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