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10971RE: [Clip] Running clips from a network drive

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  • Wright, John - Textron Financial
    Aug 29, 2003
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      Ok, thanks, I got it to work. This is my command:

      ^!FarClip "F:\NoteTabMisc\Clips\MyOtherClips:TRS Diff"

      The library is actually named MyOtherClips.clb

      Now, how do I get it to be listed in the Clip Tool?

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      Subject: Re: [Clip] Running clips from a network drive

      Wright, John - Textron Financial wrote:

      > Hi,
      > , but it always tries to run
      > it from the default drive. The result is either nothing, or the following
      > message box:
      > Cannot open file C:\Program Files\NoteTabPro\Libraries\F.clb
      > This is the clip code line:
      > ^!FarClip F:\NoteTabMisc\Clips\diff.clb
      > or
      > ^!LoadLibrary F:\NoteTabMisc\Clips
      > ^!FarClip F:\NoteTabMisc\Clips\diff.clb
      > If I run it with SetDebug ON, the code looks ok, but nothing happens.
      > The Clip Help says "LibraryName name must be stored in the Libraries
      > if you do not specify a path."


      I can't speak to your network problem but, You have the wrong syntax for
      the ^!FarClip command.

      You provided the path for the clip library but omitted the name of the
      individual clip to run.

      With the single 'colon' in the line ^!FarClip is looking for F.clb and
      if it happened to exist it would then try to run a clip named

      The following is from NoteTab help.

      ^!FarClip LibraryName:ClipName
      ^!FarClip "LibraryName:ClipName" [Text]

      LibraryName name must be stored in the Libraries folder if you do not
      specify a path, but does not need to have the .clb extension (you can
      use a different extension if you do not want the library to be listed in
      the Clipbook tool or the button bar).

      This is the line from your post;

      > ^!FarClip F:\NoteTabMisc\Clips\diff.clb

      In fact it should be similar to the following;

      - ^!FarClip "F:\NoteTabMisc\Clips\diff:clipnametorun"

      I omitted the .clb since it is the default as the help paragraph above says.


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