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10892Re: [Clip] Two Windows in Moz

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  • hsavage
    Aug 4, 2003
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      Jelks Cabaniss wrote:

      > hsavage wrote:
      >> What build of Mozilla are you running,
      > Also, the June 30th build I was using was the one with SVG and MathML
      > support compiled it, and the new one I got to work was the "plain jane"
      > Mozilla (1.5 alpha).
      > I don't know if that was the problem, or if I just got
      > the occasional "bad build".
      > I'll probably try an SVG build in a few days
      > again (though Mozilla's work on SVG hasn't exactly been stellar
      > /Jelks


      I don't know if you noticed, there is what looks like a Mozilla version
      that incorporates SVG and MathML on the same page you downloaded 'plain
      jane'. At least, from the filedate, it's a very current version.

      page link

      direct DL link

      As to bad builds, I've had several, trouble is sometimes small unnoticed
      error sneak in and start to grow for a few builds. To overcome this
      problem I save several builds that I'm sure work correctly. If a build
      gets out of hand I just revert to a previous 'good build'.

      I'm copying this to off-Topic list so, if need be, we can continue on
      that list.

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