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10885Re: [Clip] Run CLib against list of files. How? -- Why %%

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  • Larry Thomas
    Jul 31, 2003
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      At 04:55 AM 8/1/03 -0000, you wrote:
      >Yesterday was the day when I got started using them. And I can say:
      >It is a ripper. I am more than happy with it.
      >... and I figured I do not need the DOS batch any more... as this
      >mass file handling stuff can be done in NTP.
      >I reckon it needs having 200 files to modify to get 'your' bum
      >moving :))

      Hi Max,

      You may not need batch files anymore but NoteTab works well with them and
      all kinds of other programs including AWK and Perl scripts. I wrote a clip
      for using NoteTab to create a batch file and run it from NoteTab and either
      get the output in a regular DOS window or capture the output to a new
      NoteTab document if possible. And I am very sure you can use your
      imagination to create many more clips to do things like this.

      ______[Copy below this line]_______
      ;lrt@... e¿ê
      ;11/20/1999, 08:26:57 PM
      ;----------------------[begin long line]---------------------------
      ^!^?[Select Dos Function==_Dos Window^=Goto Dos Command /k|Dos to
      Document^=Goto Dos to Doc]
      ;-----------------------[end long line]----------------------------

      :Dos Command /k
      ^!SetWizardTitle "Dos Window"
      ^!Deletefile ^$GetAppPath$dc.bat
      ^!TextToFile "^$GetAppPath$dc.bat" @echo off^%nl%^?{(T=M)Enter Dos command=}
      ^!Command.com /k "^$GetAppPath$dc.bat"
      ^!Goto Exit

      :Dos to Doc
      ^!SetWizardTitle "Dos to Document"
      ^!Deletefile ^$GetAppPath$dc.bat
      ^!TextToFile "^$GetAppPath$dc.bat" @echo off^%nl%^?{(T=M)Enter Dos command=}
      ^!SetClipboard ^$GetOutput("^$GetAppPath$dc.bat")$
      ^!Toolbar Paste New
      ^!IfFileExist "^$GetAppPath$StdError.err" Next Else Skip
      ^!InsertText ^$GetOutput("^$GetAppPath$ts.bat")$
      ;^!KeyBoard Alt+D F C Alt+F #Terminal# Enter
      ^!Jump 1
      ^!Goto Exit
      _____[Copy above this line]______
      | right click over the clipbook |
      | and choose "Add from Clipboard" |

      Just Modify/Join the long line and remove the commented long line markers.
      Then copy the clip into the clipboard and add it to the library of your
      choice. For my conveniences, I added a button for this to one of my
      clipbars and I use it every once in a while when I want to look at
      directories, etc.


      lrt@... e¿ê
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