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  • scheidrp
    Jul 31, 2003
      Hi all,

      I'd like to present a group of volunteers working in XP Pro with a
      desktop icon that leads to a "choice menu" like this:

      | |
      | Choice 1a |
      | Choice 1b |
      | Choice 1c |
      | Choice 2 |
      | Exit |

      Only one choice may be made at a time.

      These choices would lead to:

      ^!AATWNWBE.exe a.ini
      ^!AATWNWBE.exe b.ini
      ^!AATWNWBE.exe c.ini

      A real plus would be that once an operator has "entered" this box,
      there would be no way out except to use the fifth choice, "Exit".
      This would close all open apps including Notetab, and return to the

      Another plus would be if the operator was never aware of Notetab,
      but from my reading in the help file, if Notetab is minimized ^!
      KEYBOARD may or may not work, and it is used extensively.

      Choice 1a (partial)
      ;Check if the AATWNWBE program is open. Jump to BringToFront label
      if found
      ^!IfAppOpen c:\AATWNWBE\AATWNWBE.exe BringToFront ELSE Next
      ;AATWNWBE program was not open, so now we launch it
      ^!Shell c:\AATWNWBE\AATWNWBE.exe /a.ini
      ;Give it enough time to load (4/10th of a second)
      ^!Delay 4
      ;Bring AATWNWBE program to the front
      ^!FocusApp AATWNWBE
      ;Set delay of approximately 50 milliseconds between each keystroke
      ^!KeyboardDelay 50
      ;Send keystrokes to the AATWNWBE program
      ;Do this process
      ^!Keyboard this
      ^!Keyboard enter
      ;Do that process
      ^!Keyboard that
      ^!Keyboard enter
      ^!Keyboard (subset of above)
      ^!Keyboard enter
      ;YES answer returns to loop, NO answer exits
      ^!skip Repeat?
      ^!goto loop

      I hope I've made this clear enough. I'd appreciate any and all help
      I should receive.


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