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10211Re: [Clip] Can you run a clip via a keystroke?

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  • casullian_454
    May 4, 2003
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      Thanks Larry,

      That is not really what I had in mind. I was hoping there was a way
      to reassign a set of keystrocks to directly run a clip. Example:
      Assign ALT + P to run a clip that places a set of HTML paragraph tags.

      From your answer, that is not possible.

      Thanks Cas

      > I have been checking things out and there are another set of
      > that can do this also. F4 will open the clipbook panel on the left
      > Shift+F4 will switch the focus back and forth between the document
      and the
      > clipbook panel. When you are in the clipbook panel, you can cursor
      > and press enter to activate the clip. In addition you can switch
      back and
      > forth between the clipbook panel list of clips and the combo box at
      the top
      > of the clipbook panel by pressing Ctrl+F6. You can cursor up or
      down to
      > finad another clipbook library you want and press enter to select
      it or you
      > can press Alt+Cursor down to activate the drop-down list for the
      > and then cursor up or down to another clipbook library that you
      want to use
      > and press enter to select it.
      > Regards,
      > Larry
      > larryt@c...
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