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10209Re: [Clip] Can you run a clip via a keystroke?

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  • Larry Thomas
    May 4, 2003
      Hi Cas

      I have been checking things out and there are another set of keystrokes
      that can do this also. F4 will open the clipbook panel on the left and
      Shift+F4 will switch the focus back and forth between the document and the
      clipbook panel. When you are in the clipbook panel, you can cursor down
      and press enter to activate the clip. In addition you can switch back and
      forth between the clipbook panel list of clips and the combo box at the top
      of the clipbook panel by pressing Ctrl+F6. You can cursor up or down to
      finad another clipbook library you want and press enter to select it or you
      can press Alt+Cursor down to activate the drop-down list for the combo-box
      and then cursor up or down to another clipbook library that you want to use
      and press enter to select it.


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