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10054RE: [Clip] Clips and keyboard shortcuts

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  • Daniel Müller
    Apr 2 6:28 AM
      See my email conservations with Sheri a few days ago:

      >I have a clip, which executes a program by double-clicking on one of
      >the headers in the Clipbook window. Now, I would like to assign
      >keyboard shortcuts as hotkeys for these headers. How can I do that?
      >Thanks a lot in advance, best wishes,

      There is no native feature in the current version of Notetab to assign
      hotkeys to clips. For a workaround, get my Clip Hotkeys library from our
      groups file area:


      >That does not work on my PC. I have a 'hotkey' now, but it only
      >executes when I double-click the Windows entry in the start menu. Then
      >it does not copy/paste the active document, but takes the last one
      >generated from the clip without the hotkey. And it opens anoterh
      >instance of NoteTab. From within NoteTab, the hotkey is ignored, no a
      >sign of any action taken.
      >The Windows entry is: C:\Programme\NoteTabPro\NotePro.exe
      >/L="StataSE_8:do 1 Stata 8.0"
      >-do 1 Stata 8.0- is the correct header of the clipbook.
      >comment entry in the Windows properties: -do 1 Stata 8.0-Ctrl+Alt+P-
      >(the hotkey I assigned).

      > I have a (possibly stupid) question:
      > Is it possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to a clip (i.e.
      > to execute a certain clip by pressing certain combination of keys)?
      > Magnus

      HTP, greetings,
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