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10051Re: [Clip] Find/Rep diff in Pro and Light?

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  • Sheri
    Mar 31, 2003
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      At 03:23 PM 3/31/03 -0600, Stephen wrote:
      >I'm writing clips in Pro 4.9, and some of my clips aren't working the same way for my users in Light 4.9. Is this normal?
      >I'm finding this particularly with some Find and Replace commands.
      >XML Example below. The clip's goal is to locate any <Supp>...</Supp> tags and change them to a new type of tag per user's choice. In Pro it works fine, but in Light it changes only the closing </Supp>.


      It is necessary to test clips under both platforms to make sure they are compatible because a few differences in clip behavior have come up before. I tried your clips on Pro and Light 4.92 (you should update if you are really on 4.9) and saw the difference.

      The differences I've see before related to ^$GetLine$ and ^!Select Line.

      Your clips show a difference in what constitutes a whole word to the ^!Replace command, as filtered by the "C" option. For some reason, Pro sees <Supp> as a whole word and Light doesn't. But it hardly seems relevant to what you are doing, and your clips work on fin on both Pro and Light if you remove the "C" 's from your ^!Replace commands.

      Nice clips!

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