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  • Jody Adair
    Mar 8, 1999
      Hello NoteTabber!

      The NoteTab Clip List was created because of NoteTab becoming more complex with the released of version 4.5 having the new script writing language in it. The regular list was getting flooded with long complex scripts that the average user and especially people new to NoteTab couldn't understand. Some were overwhelmed with the amount of posts, especially ones that looked like a foreign language to them. A number of people quit the list because of that.

      We hope to use the regular list <NoteTab@...> for basic NoteTab "How to" questions and other NoteTab assistance in general. The advanced list should be used for: the more complex scripts, beta testing, talk about the more involved suggestions, but not limited to that.

      We hope you can get something out of it and that you can add to it.

      Happy NoteTabbin',
      Jody Adair

      Group Manager: ntb-clips-owner@egroups.com

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