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Re: [NH] I love NoteTab and would love to see Frookes make a WYSIWYG program!

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  • Greg Chapman
    Hi ceeamerica, ... I would recommend KompoZer! :-) ... Certainly it is. You turn to a WYSIWYG program because you don t want a WYCodeIWYG program. It s part of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2010
      Hi ceeamerica,

      On 06 Feb 10 04:46 "ceeamerica" <ceeamerica@...> said:
      > Is a WYSIWYG program under development or do they recommend one? I
      > have tried dozens and found them all lacking

      I would recommend KompoZer! :-)

      > Just leave my code alone and don't abort in the middle, is that to
      > much to ask?

      Certainly it is.

      You turn to a WYSIWYG program because you don't want a WYCodeIWYG
      program. It's part of the deal! You accept the code that the program
      devises for you.

      I can't speak for Dreamweaver (Too expensive!) or FrontPage (You are
      joking, aren't you?) but, used properly, KompoZer will provide neat,
      clean, code that validates with no problem. What more could you want
      from a WYSIWYG program?

      To achieve this you do need to use a couple of add-ons, such as the
      "Handcoder" extension, that enables integration of "HTMLTidy".

      True, once in a blue moon it will crash. However, you should make
      allowances. Unlike Eric, the lone developer of KompoZer is a volunteer
      part-time coder working with other people's base code, much of it
      deeply suspect.

      As v0.8 is built on a later version of the base code, when it comes
      out of beta, you should expect massive improvements in reliability.
      For its intended market, new web designers wanting a WYSIWYG tool, I
      know of no better program.

      There's great support too at:

      I have copied this to the Off-Topic list. Please follow-up there!

      Greg Chapman
      Helping new users of KompoZer and The GIMP
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