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Re: [NTO] routers/hubs and waps - on the road

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  • Mick Housel
    ... You re mistaken. I specialize in network & computer security. I ve got numerous certifications in the field including CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) and
    Message 1 of 32 , Dec 29, 2009
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      Mike Breiding - Morgantown WV wrote:
      > I hear that a lot, but I have yet to meet anyone who can do it or anyone
      > it has been done to.
      > I think the threat of this to the average person happening is greatly
      > exaggerated.

      You're mistaken. I specialize in network & computer security. I've got
      numerous certifications in the field including CEH (Certified Ethical
      Hacking) and the threat is real. I was with a friend who also works in
      network security that connected his laptop at Starbucks. A gentleman
      sitting about 10 ft. away said on his cell phone "I'll transfer money
      into there right now so you can get that done today". About 2 minutes
      later my friend asked the gentleman if he liked the convenience that
      HisBankName offered with online access. The guy's mouth fell open and my
      friend suggested he look into a bit more protection like a firewall. If
      anyone needs a good free one, try Comodo's. I'm not using it now but
      have in the past and it worked very well. There are others that work
      fairly well also.


      This can happen at anytime in your neighborhood with someone doing a
      "drive by" with a laptop looking for wireless signals. If the signal is
      seen and accessible then you've opened yourself up to a big risk of
      someone with a bit of knowledge and the right software tools to be able
      to either find or log information on or entered on any computers hooked
      up, wireless or otherwise to the router.

      There was a 14 year old in the southeast US who kept trying to break
      through the firewall on my home network that got warned numerous times
      to cease and desist. I finally disabled her computer and contacted the
      local authorities with the information they needed to pinpoint the
      location. He's not very happy now about her fun in cyberspace now as it
      caused her to go with out freedom for awhile. That's just an example of
      what goes on that most folks don't have a clue is even happening to
      them. This isn't uncommon and goes on all the time. It's not just emails
      and web pages that are used to get you or your information.

      If you choose to share your network through unsecured wireless, it's
      your choice. Just remember that it's kinda of like leaving your
      automobile stuffed with Christmas presents and your wallet at the mall
      with a sign on it that reads "See inside".

      My .02 worth


      MotoMania's Muse
    • Mick Housel
      ... I think that s a bit more than needed to protect their stuff but can also understand it why some might feel that way. I grew up in the middle of nowhere in
      Message 32 of 32 , Dec 30, 2009
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        Axel Berger wrote:
        > Mick Housel wrote:
        > > Ya'll have a good week and a Happy New Year!
        > Some to you, have a good one. Maybe I was a bit over the top, but the
        > permanent mistrust around me does grate. When people have finished
        > filling up a little before me and lock their cars when going in to pay,
        > I do see this as a personal affront, just like picking up valuables and
        > taking them along when going to the loo in e.g. a library.

        I think that's a bit more than needed to protect their stuff but can
        also understand it why some might feel that way. I grew up in the middle
        of nowhere in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California. 6 kids
        in my elementary school class in my home town. Since then I've lived all
        over the western US from San Diego to Washington state and as far east
        as Texas. From big cities to little tiny towns that hardly made the
        definition of town. Unfortunately in the 1/2 century of my existence,
        I've seen things change from being able to leave things unlocked
        wherever you were to keeping your house, garage, etc. locked unless you
        want to replace things continuously. I've had to replace things a few
        times from theft and it's cheaper to install and use locks. Some things
        can't be replaced such as pictures and family heirlooms. It's like Mr.
        Savage said "Locks keep honest people honest".

        > But something else: My WLAN is open but my partitions are protected via
        > password on Win98. How long does that take to crack? Minutes? Seconds?
        > Or hours, which would be safe enough for anything I've got.

        That depends on the complexity and length of the passwords. Most
        passwords less than 9 characters in length can be broken in a matter of
        minutes. Win98 files are tougher to protect due to the lack of security
        & encryption of the FAT file system in comparison with NTFS.

        BTW, I'd like to take the time to say thanks to all the regulars on the
        NTB lists that are there to answer the questions and provide guidance
        for those that are new or learning more about NTB, clips, etc. I've
        recommended NTB many times, partly because it's a great text editor but
        also because of the outstanding support given on these lists. I've
        learned lots just by reading and taking note of things that are discussed.


        MotoMania's Muse
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