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  • Jody
    Hi Larry and All, I thought I d post this on the Off-Topic list... ... The motherboard (MB) is what you could consider an interstate highway connect all the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2000
      Hi Larry and All,

      I thought I'd post this on the Off-Topic list...

      > I remember you saying that you upgraded your computer by
      > installing a new motherboard. Did you do that yourself or did
      > you have a lot of help. I mentioned it to my brother who sells
      > and sets up computers and He said that was one thing he could
      > not do. He said that he had taken in several old "junk"
      > computers that he did not mind destroying and tried switching
      > motherboards on two of them and ruined both of them. I am just
      > curious whether I misunderstood you.

      The motherboard (MB) is what you could consider an interstate
      highway connect all the cites together. The only thing a MB does
      is make it possible for all your hardware (and software) to
      communicate with each other via the solder runs and cables. A
      certain portion of those electronic paths are called the bus. My
      point is, there is nothing on a MB that can cause it to fry *in

      However, there are different voltages that can be fed into a MB.
      Computers use different levels of voltages to run the various
      components. There are what I refer to as pins and straps on the
      MB to hard configure the board to whatever options you want to
      use or *must* be used depending on the individual setup of each
      computer. They are the little pins that you put the little black
      (sometimes blue, red, etc.) plastic coded jumper over. Pin
      layout sheets with the options tell you what pins to jump for the
      different configurations.

      The main thing to consider as far as power goes and burning up a
      MB or components is the power strapping option. Some processors
      might require .3VDC and others .5VDC. If you strap it for 5VDC
      and you have a .3VDC processor there is a good chance you can fry
      the board. Some of this info is just from my experience although
      I have never friend a processor or a board on a PC. Just a few
      $50,000 boards at work one time - and did they fry! ROTFL! That
      was due to the same situation. I had hooked up a power supply
      cable to the 24VDC instead of the 12VDC which supplied the boards
      on that shelf via its backplane (same as MB except the digital
      switch had one for each shelf).

      One more thing to consider is the power supply itself. Make sure
      the output voltages are correct for the new board by looking at
      the specs. I am sure they are since you are running a 133Mhz now
      and Win95.

      My guess is there might be some equipment out there for PC's that
      may have an internal power source as well and it might need to be
      configured, but I do not think you would need to worry about
      that. There is also a possibility of some of your other hardware
      being so old that it will not be compatible, but I don't think
      you have any using tubes, etc. hahaha.

      If you buy your own and do it since you have never done it
      yourself I suggest the following. Buy your MB, processor, and
      RAM all from the same source. Computer smiths and Price Watch
      are a couple good places to check. Price Watch (I think
      http://www.pricewatch.com) has a huge amount of listings and you
      can search by brand name, cheapest, all of a certain thing,
      model, etc...) When you find what you want call them and tell
      them what you have in mind and if it is compatible. At Computer
      Smith's (http://OrderAComputer.com/) they have a wizard and it
      will list the compatible parts as you build your computer.
      Anyhow, call to make sure. Package people probably do not take
      the time to see if part a will work with part b. You could
      always order by phone and specify that you want the MB configured
      with the processor and RAM on it. There should not be a charge
      for that. All that said, most hardware come preset by the
      manufacturer ready to go now-a-days, but it is always best to
      double check them.

      Before you start rebuilding read all the installation
      instructions and make sure you understand them, less you might be
      without a computer for awhile. If all goes well, you should be
      able to be up and running in a half a day.

      OH, with what you are buying you can probably get Win 98 SE for
      about half price OEM meaning it is a distribution copy for
      distributor with no thrills - no manual, etc.

      > It now looks like I will be getting my new system with the next
      > two to four weeks. I am hoping to get a 500 Mhz system with 8
      > Megs of video RAM, 256 Megs of regular RAM, and a DVD drive.

      It will break some of your Clips, but I don't think you will mind
      too much. <g> Some of them you might thing are broke because you
      are expecting to see a flash or something and you will no longer
      see that. In short - you will be screamm'n!!! (See my post to
      the beta list on the Clipbar - you are getting twice as much as I
      have now and are upgrading from basically about the same

      > I was going to get another bigger hard drive to go with my 8.4
      > Gb drive (which I need like a hole in the head but I am greedy)
      > but my brother told me to wait a month or two or three rather
      > than run my finances so low. He says the prices on hard drives
      > are dropping almost weekly - a 17 Gb drive for $139 and a 27 Gb
      > drive for $199 from Best Buy.

      Yes they are, try Dirt Cheap Drives. My 2.8GB does me just fine. ;)

      Happy Off-Topic'n!

      The NoteTab Off-Topic List
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