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Re: [Clip] anybody have examples of using ^$IsLowercase("Str")$

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  • Alan C
    ... I suspected that Don had asked in that way for a reason. Ah, well, I ll stop trying to need to be needed :-) (for a while -- until next time). At
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2008
      On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 4:32 PM, Don - HtmlFixIt.com <don@...>wrote:

      > loro wrote:
      > > Alan C wrote:
      > >> IOW insures cap'd, no need to check first. | Alan.
      > >
      > > That's how I thought at first.

      I suspected that Don had asked in that way for a reason. Ah, well, I'll
      stop trying to "need to be needed" :-) (for a while -- until next time).

      At least I don't make a mess too often on lists (try not to anyways).

      Bright things that are worthwhile pop out once in a while.

      Guess I'm a mixed bag.

      If I wait so as to assemble more info into a bigger kitty to choose from,
      then I forget. What was I working on? Was it that1, that2, that3, that4,
      that5, that6, that7? Or, was it from the there pile, there1, there2 . . .
      there399? Or, the ToDo list, item 1 . . . 7,999? What and which lists
      inaccessible (lost, can't remember). Where's my lists that organize me and
      tell me where my lists are all at?

      > But maybe it's only all lower case
      > > strings Don wants capitalized. The ones that aren't lowercase maybe
      > > aren't capitalized and should stay the way they are.
      > >
      > > Lotta
      > Correct, if there is a capital anywhere in the string I don't want it
      > capitalized.
      > :ProcessKeywords
      > ^!If "^%Caps%" = "leave" BuildDescription
      > ^!Set %countkeywords%="1"
      > ^!SetListDelimiter ,
      > ^!SetArray %CapsKeywords%=^%Keywords%
      > :CapKeywords
      > ^!If "^$IsLowercase("^%CapsKeywords^%countkeywords%%")$" = "0" SKIP_3
      > ^!Set
      > %CapsKeywords^%countkeywords%%=^$StrCapitalize("^%CapsKeywords^%countkeywords%%")$
      > ^!Set %Keywords%="^%CapsKeywords%"
      > ^!If "^%countkeywords%" = "^%CapsKeywords0%" BuildDescription
      > ^!Inc %countkeywords%
      > ^!Goto CapKeywords

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