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Re: [NTO] Programs Installations

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  • M.M.
    Thanks a lot! Regards Mordechai ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Message 1 of 9 , Sep 6, 2008
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      Thanks a lot!

      On 9/6/08, Larry Hamilton <lmh@...> wrote:
      > M.M. wrote:
      > > Hello
      > > First Thanks to all for your answers.
      > > And to Larry: Sorry, I do not follow you, starting your answer you
      > recommed
      > > installing OS AND all other programs into "C" (same partition and has to
      > be
      > > big enough), and further you say that you install the programs to "E"
      > which
      > > is another partition, how come??, as I said - I do not follow, please
      > > explain.
      > > Thanks again
      > > Mordechai
      > >
      > Sorry if I was not clear, multitasking strikes again! ;-)
      > I put the OS on C:\ as required. I put data and programs on another
      > physical drive, in my case E:\. If Windows needs to be reinstalled for
      > some reason, my programs are preserved. I have to re-build shortcuts,
      > but most programs can handle not being re-installed in this situation.
      > I do this to save time and simplify my set up. The only programs I put
      > on C:\ are ones that do no give me a choice on install.
      > I also tell My Documents to store on another partition, since my
      > teenager likes to fill up his ipod software with music and movies, the
      > rest of us run out of room. ;-)
      > I hope this is more clear.
      > Larry Hamilton

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