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Re: [NTO] Browser Behavior on Mac Computer

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  • Ray Shapp
    Hi fw and alice, Thanks for the help. I haven t heard back from my friend, but your suggestions look
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 4, 2007
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      Hi fw and alice,

      <<Mac has the file properties set as open with TextEdit>>

      Thanks for the help. I haven't heard back from my friend, but your suggestions
      look very promising. I also asked him to create several separate htm documents
      to see whether this fix is global. I.e., that it needs to be made only once
      for universal application to all files that have the ".htm" extension.

      << If you put it on a website, can he see it properly using the url to the

      Yes, his browsers work normally for pages already on the web.

      <<You save it as .htm, he's saved it as .html,>>

      Yes, I have already mentioned that some web software expects to deal with
      three-character extensions only. I have also warned him about the
      case-sensitivity of Unix-based servers.

      Your help is much appreciated!

      Ray Shapp
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