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Re: [NTO] Clipbar problems

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  • hsavage
    ... well. How can I correct the problem of the ones that don t work? ... Kent, Didn t mean to confuse the issue. The examples above are Personal Clipbar
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 25, 2006
      kentm0300 wrote:
      > Thanks, but I think you're miles ahead of me here.
      > I'm not familiar with what you're doing. Wish I was but I don't
      > even know where to find the directions because I'm so limited in
      > the NT jargon.
      > --- kentm0300 wrote:
      >>> Inches to Centimeters, Centimeters to Inches, Miles to
      >>> Kilometers, Kilometers to miles functions don't work at all.
      >>> Calculator doesn't always work. Other functions on clipbar work >>>
      well. How can I correct the problem of the ones that don't work?
      >> kent,
      >> I'm using v5.1 and I have a clip named 'convert measures.clb'.
      >> How are you adding the clips to the toolbar? Below is a short
      >> sample of my 'convert measures.ctb'.
      >> "convert measures","Miles -> Kilometres","one.ico"
      >> "convert measures","Kilometres -> Miles","one.ico"


      Didn't mean to confuse the issue. The examples above are 'Personal
      Clipbar entries similar to what you get by dragging an individual clip
      to the personal toolbar. I assumed you're familiar with process since
      you said some of the clips didn't work from the Personal ToolBar.

      Each line is saved in a comma-delimited format.
      The three parts are, the "clipbookname","clipname","iconname".

      The entries are created and saved in a file in the NoteTab 'libraries'
      folder with an extension of .ctb. The filename is the same as the
      clipbar name, or, you can create a new file manually as I did in this
      case, for testing purposes.

      Stan pointed out there were some alternate spellings in the clipbook,
      kilometres <> kilometers, etc.. I've since corrected my clipbook but in
      limited use I hadn't run into any previous problems.

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