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Re: [NTO] A new user's thoughts on NTP

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  • Alec Burgess
    Toby: Re folding - search for folding on the Clips list and on the Ntb-HTML lists: * Hit on the Ntb-HTML list: o
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 21, 2006
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      Re folding - search for "folding" on the Clips list and on the Ntb-HTML

      * Hit on the Ntb-HTML list:
      o http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ntb-html/message/5538
      from June/06
      o Looks like it was also written by someone coming from a
      UE-background ;-)
      + Larry Hamilton posted a solution but I'm not sure
      whether it addressed the OP's needs.
      * Hits on the clips lists:
      o There are several hits on the clips list in (I think based
      on dates) in essentially three threads with the usual
      suspects posting clips to do tasks which "look" like they
      are what you are interested in.

      Let us know how close these come to matching your needs and/or post your
      own solutions - I suspect you are exactly the sort to be able to join
      the guru's within weeks.

      btw: Personal google-gmail archives (going back two years(?) now) of the
      all the yahoo-groups for the programs I follow make a VERY useful
      data-base when trying to find answers to questions such as yours -
      though the Yahoo search mechanism itself ain't half-bad now either.

      Which, come to think of it, is another reason not to use ntb-scripts
      anymore at least until Yahoo-search-groups offers the ability to target
      searches at all groups (or subset thereof) that one has joined. ...

      * later ... nope - just checked search-advanced. No such option.
      Maybe if Google keeps pressing and/or offers an option/method to
      transfer archives from Yahoo to Google-groups, Yahoo will
      implement something like it. =-O

      Regards ... Alec -- buralex-gmail

      tobyrjr said the following on 2006-10-21 19:02:
      > Many thanks for the steer towards NT Lite (though I think if I do
      > decide to take up NT I'll spend the money on Pro - it seems only fair
      > to "the folks at Fookes").
      > At the risk of being accused of mission creep, here are a couple of
      > other useful features I've just found in UE32 which I don't *think*
      > NTP has got (but I'd be happy to be proved wrong).
      > 1) Show/hide lines (selected lines are hidden, and can be shown again
      > by clicking on a plus sign on the left hadn side of the document)
      > 2) (Related to 1) Code folding - so for example bracketed sections of
      > code (or sections between XML tags) are collapsed and again you double
      > click on a plus sign to open the collapsed section. I guess this is a
      > bit
      > like an outline document, but with multiple nested layers being
      > possible. If I haven't explained this well enough, then I'm happy to
      > mail out a screen shot!
      > Like I say, I'd be happy to be proved wrong, because I'm starting to
      > like using Clip, and I'd quite like to use NTP in place of UE32 (and
      > use TextPad for legacy blocking etc).

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