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Re: [NTO] Anybody Using Skype?

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  • Jody
    Hi sisterscape and All, I haven t found the time to thank you all for your input. I ended up just downgrading. sisterscape... ... No, I actually want that
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 6, 2006
      Hi sisterscape and All,

      I haven't found the time to thank you all for your input. I ended
      up just downgrading. >sisterscape...

      >--- Jody <kjv-av1611@...> wrote:
      >> >> I cannot find where to turn it off in any of the places to check
      >> >> like in Startup, the program itself, Run in RegEdit...
      >> >>
      >> >> Happy Topics,
      >> >> Jody
      >> >>
      >Jody . . . I was just investigating Skype a bit more and ran acrosss
      >this fix to keep Skype from trying to connect:
      >1. Open
      >2. Sign Out
      >3. Untick "Log me in when Skype starts".
      >Could it be that easy??

      No, I actually want that set. It is not suppose to connect, it
      will check for a connection for awhile and then give up (stop
      spinning in the tray). What that feature does is if there is a
      connection, then it automatically logs in. That I want to happen
      so Eric and I can do instant messages. I cannot get a high speed
      connection out here, so we don't use it as a phone. Eric does,
      but with my 56KB almost all the time it is broken up too bad for
      us to use the phone part. The chat works fine though. A year or
      two ago I think it was about 2 cents a minute for overseas phone
      calls using it. One buys the time from Skype. I hear it works
      real well if you have a high speed connection.

      I don't know when I'll be back trying to clean out this In box,
      so if anybody replies, uh... ;) If anybody ever needs me, just
      write me at support at Fookes-:)com

      I sure hope to get all caught up some day! :(

      Happy Topics,

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