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  • Stefan Elssner
    Hi, if this message s complete subject chain doesn t instantly produce something like Yeah, I know :-) or Mmh, I know :-e or similar in your mind, and if
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2006
      Hi, if this message's complete subject chain doesn't instantly
      produce something like "Yeah, I know :-)" or "Mmh, I know :-e" or
      similar in your mind, and if you like stars, or the solar system, or
      stunning computer program solutions, (or some of them or all

      you MAY WANT to get a current installation of the Opera web browser
      (it's free and rather small, see www.opera.com), and run this and go
      to the PlanetWerks Widget home (http://widgets.opera.com/widget/4246)
      and give it a try!

      As I stated in a comment on it, it is (IMHO)
      "The most important reason ever to beg my boss for buying me a more
      contemporary (i.e. faster) machine. :-)"

      BTW, following Jody's description of this group's possible topics
      "... I suppose some chit-chat about the weather would be acceptable
      from time to time. ...": if you want to play more with Opera Widgets,
      you could also have a look at touchTheSky (http://widgets.opera.com/
      widget/3903) -- not SO much as stunning as the PlanetWerks, but
      arguably of more practical use ...

      Have fun! :-)

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