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[NTO] Re: HELP: 30 seconds to open txt file is killing me

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  • xtx222003
    Hi Larry, These are two identical HP computers both running XP Home, networked with our router. Your Run tests confirms that the share V-Central is slow with
    Message 1 of 23 , Aug 1, 2006
      Hi Larry,

      These are two identical HP computers both running XP Home, networked
      with our router.

      Your Run tests confirms that the share \\V-Central is slow with NTP,
      and the mapped V:\ is the winner by a landslide.

      Thanks for confirming that I'm not crazy when I unplug everything
      during a lightning storm.


      > Is V-central a server or workstation? If it is a server, it could
      be an
      > Active-Directory issue. I do not know how to configure Active
      > but if the PC is not in the correct workgroup, it can be very slow.
      > have experienced this with the software I support in my day job.
      > What version of Windows is V-central? What version of Windows is
      > PC? There may be a clue there.
      > The difference between the \\computername\etc. and V:\etc. is that
      > could be some sort of network configuration that is not quite right
      > makes the resolution of \\computername take longer. One way to test
      > is to click Start > Run then type \\V-Central and press Enter. If
      > Explorer opens right away, then it is something to do with NoteTab.
      > do the Start > Run and type V:\ and see if Explorer opens as fast
      as the
      > other way. I have seen some programs that will not find a
      connection on
      > the network, but you can ping the PC.
      > You could also try the IP address of \\V-central in the run box.
      > My guess would be either something with active directory, or some
      > misconfiguration on the network.
      > I have also seen lightning do weird things to network cards. Over
      > years, I have experienced 5 clients having lightning strikes that
      > just enough damage to the network card on one or more PCs that all
      > programs on the network work, except the one I support. Replacing
      > network card fixes the problem. If you have had a lightning strike
      > other major power surge, swapping out a network card may help.
      > HTH,
      > Larry Hamilton
      > Kairos Computer Solutions
      > http://www.kairoscomputers.com/
      > Sales Affiliate for Grisoft Anti-Virus
      > xtx222003 wrote:
      > > Jeffery thanks for that fantastic question! Alec thank you for
      > > googling it down (sometime I forget how much one can learn from
      > > a simple search), it was worth more than a shot, because...
      > >
      > > BAM!!! The files open just like that now!!! I followed the
      > > in the link for "network drive mapping", and BAM!!! I'm able to
      > > files from both computers browsing through the newly created
      > > Drives with no delay at all! The old method of using My Network
      > > Places is still like pouring molasses.
      > >
      > > I redid the "copy name" experiment you suggested, and you can see
      > > results:
      > >
      > > SHARED file path
      > > \\V-central\my documents\DELUNA_verna\Working Files\Arts.txt
      > >
      > > MAPPED file path
      > > V:\DELUNA_verna\Working Files\Arts.txt
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