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Re: [NTO] Why Does FS Uses Yahoogroups (Re: [Clip] Re: Removing stopwords from word list

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  • David Smart
    I can t remember the last time Yahoo Groups either lost or corrupted a message of mine (if ever). ... I doubt that Yahoo lost the information. It probably
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2006
      I can't remember the last time Yahoo Groups either lost or corrupted a
      message of mine (if ever).

      > SHERI WROTE...
      >>> Sigh, thanks to Yahoo I lost a long message I had written as
      >>> reply here.

      I doubt that Yahoo lost the information. It probably disappeared somewhere
      between your computer and their server.

      I take it you were using the browser-based mail interface to send your
      message. There are so many ways to lose what you've typed into a browser
      screen, that you should never trust that mechanism for long messages.

      Type them up in a good editor like ... oh yes ... NT, then paste it into the

      Better yet, use the e-mail interface, which is extremely reliable.

      > RICK WROTE...
      >> Maybe we should form a band of renegades, run off and start a
      >> separate newsgroup on Google Groups.

      Nothing to stop you doing so, although I doubt that you'd get permission to
      use the name NoteTab. But what makes you think Google Groups are better?

      And don't forget that the other NT lists will remain on Yahoo Groups.

      >> I'm game if anybody else want to go. I'm tired of this interface.

      So get the posts as e-mails - all into your e-mail engine - and bypass the
      interface completely.

      > ADRIEN WROTE...
      >>Well, first: I do not understand why Fookes software run not its
      >>own mailinglist.

      Jody has already explained it. But the simple reasons: (1) it's free, and
      (2) it works reliably and well.

      >>Second: I did lost also several messages,
      >>because for some reason my provider (I think, i just asked this
      >>to them) classified the Yahoo messages as spam!

      I've not heard of an ISP classifying a message as spam just because it comes
      from a Yahoo Group. If it classified it as spam, then presumably it looked
      like spam.

      No matter what, that's not Yahoo's problem. It's your ISP's.

      If you have an ISP that deletes messages that it calls spam, then you need
      to change ISPs. That's unacceptable. If they want to flag it as "possible
      spam" when they deliver it to you, then that would be different.

      > I find that this subject falls into the "use Linux, not
      > puking Microsoft" crowd. There's a minority of people that like
      > to bash Microsoft, etc. and they post so often about it making a
      > lot of practically slanderous remarks, that some would think
      > everybody hates Microsoft.

      Yes, it certainly sounds very similar. :-(

      Dave S
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