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Why Does FS Uses Yahoogroups (Re: [Clip] Re: Removing stopwords from word list

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  • Jody
    Hi Everybody Reading This, I copied the OffTopic list this message so that for those that want to continue discussing it can do so over there. Please reply to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2006
      Hi Everybody Reading This,

      I copied the OffTopic list this message so that for those that
      want to continue discussing it can do so over there. Please reply
      to the [OT] copy of this and not the [Clips]. TIA Oh, see my
      sigline or a [NTB] footer to get on the OffTopic list which we
      need to go on for further discussion. This is basically about
      "why we use and will continue to use Yahoogroups, so you can
      delete now if you don't care or could care less. I'm pretty well
      firm on the idea of staying with Yahoogroups...

      SHERI WROTE...

      >> Sigh, thanks to Yahoo I lost a long message I had written as
      >> reply here.

      I'm sorry about you loosing your long message. I normally have my
      PasteBoard on for anytime I am ordering something, filling about
      forms that have message/comments boxes, for setting up things
      like updating Yahoogroups messages sent out, and a host of other
      things. The reason for whatever unknown reasons the pages get
      wiped out or terminated for taking to long to fill out something,
      I have it still in NoteTab to Paste in again when retrying. This
      disconnect/drop off, or whatever causes happens to me from all
      sorts of places. My point is to say that Yahoogroups caused it is
      an unfair comment. I know that those things happen for all kinds
      of reasons. Having my PasteBoard active during the times I don't
      want to loose 15 minutes of re-typing saves me all kinds of time
      and aggravation. Just the fact that I have the need to make a
      PasteBoard tells me that it happens a lot and in other places
      than Yahoogroups. In fact, I don't ever remember Yahoogroups cut
      me off.

      RICK WROTE...

      > Maybe we should form a band of renegades, run off and start a
      > separate newsgroup on Google Groups.

      That's your freedom to speak and freedom to do what you want. You
      are more than welcome becoming a renegade. :-)

      > I'm game if anybody else want to go. I'm tired of this interface.

      You won't find me being a renegade in this case. <g>

      > rick

      Thanks! ;) More...

      >Op vr, 14-07-2006 te 16:21 +0000, schreef abairheart:
      >> Do you get a commission from google for transfering groups to them?


      >Well, first: I do not understand why Fookes software run not its
      >own mailinglist. Second: I did lost also several messages,
      >because for some reason my provider (I think, i just asked this
      >to them) classified the Yahoo messages as spam!

      Building, buying, providing upkeep/maintenance, features, and
      many other things prevent us from making or buying our own
      discussion mailing list. Actually, we have one, but don't use it
      for our Fookes Software [FS] discussion mailing lists. We might,
      in the future, use it for a very small amount of beta testers on
      our FS Private beta testing list. Using our own list or
      transferring to another list, for me, is just not reasonably
      worth doing for larger list. The pros far out weight the cons as
      far as staying as it right now. We have had private/our own lists
      before and they just didn't work out well. Yahoogroups is the
      least hassle to maintain and for the users too because of multi-
      list members. Just one setting has to be changed for it to span
      across all the lists they are subscribed to. Yahoogroups has only
      caused minor inconveniences at time and I and very happy that
      they exist. I was with them when they were the little guys:
      MakeList and OneList. I've watched them grow for over 12 years
      and for the most part am extremely happy with them. I've seen,
      used, and posted messages on a host of discussion mailing lists.
      There are certain things that I require, if possible, that I will
      not move to a list if they have or have not the feature, or
      whatever. Yahoogroups hits my "most wanted/needed" list the
      majority of time over any other list.

      We'll stay with Yahoogroups who, as a whole, has mean very nice
      for us. I find that this subject falls into the "use Linux, not
      puking Microsoft" crowd. There's a minority of people that like
      to bash Microsoft, etc. and they post so often about it making a
      lot of practically slanderous remarks, that some would think
      everybody hates Microsoft. Not true!, at all. I don't bother with
      those kind of threads. They normally just get deleted after I
      scan very quickly to see if it has to go to OffTopic or for the
      cussing/bashing to send out personal messages, etc.

      Happy Topics,

      All Fookes Software discussion mailing lists with brief
      description of lists and easy sign-on/off...

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