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Re: [NTO] good dlls, or bad?

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  • Edward
    My consensus too. I did and put them into the Recycle bin, in case of a problem. Ed
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 10, 2006
      My consensus too. I did and put them into the Recycle bin, in case of a

      dave wrote:
      > Hi ed
      > I think I would remove them ,It does depend on xp it may think it wants
      > then.
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      > Sent: Friday, June 09, 2006 10:46 PM
      > Subject: [NTO] good dlls, or bad?
      > The two dlls listed below was found by my register tweaker but it does not
      > know what to do with them and tells me that they could bad or good.
      > I am not sure what deskpan.dll does but a lot of people want to sell you
      > something to remove it. But if it is a part of the OS what would I want to
      > remove it? Some suggest these are orphans and can be safely deleted others
      > say the deskpan.dll is sometimes needed.
      > deskpan.dll
      > Part Of: Microsoft Windows Operating System
      > System DLL: No
      > DLL Name: Display Panning CPL Extension
      > The fde.dll is on the net to be downloaded if you want it and to be removed
      > if you do not want it. Is it good or not, any ideas?
      > fde.dll. One page suggests it is a trojan horse and you should get rid of
      > it. Is that right? My spyware scanner found it but was not sure what I
      > should do with it>
      > File description: Folder Redirection Snapin Extension, v. 5.1.2600.0
      > Filesize to download: 54.5 kb
      > Recommendation for fde.dll:
      > To get control over your running programs we suggest WinTasks 5 Pro
      > Remove fde.dll: Use WinTasks
      > Fix fde.dll Errors: Free Registry Scan
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