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Re: [NTO] computers-a mind of their own

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  • dave
    Hi I would think your notebook is relatively save and Go on the net and I have one called linux password zero A: initrd.gz A: ldlinux.sys A: syslinux.cfg
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 3, 2006
      I would think your notebook is relatively save and Go on the net and I have
      one called "linux password zero"

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      Subject: [NTO] computers-a mind of their own

      Need a little help here,
      I have two hard disks operating on one computer motherboard, one at a time
      of course. One has XP Pro and the other OS is Windows 2000 Pro. I do
      different things on them. There are times that I want to work on the other
      HD, so I shut one down go into the bios as it reboots and change which one
      opens first. Worked fine for two - three years everything every good. Last
      week I opened windows 2k pro and it asked for a username and password and I
      cannot get past it. I never had either before, it just opened when I booted
      it up. Both the motherboard has no wireless but it does have a connection
      to the modem so that it can get online. Now I do have a wireless modem but
      it has or had a very strong Password, long and numbers here and there. This
      computer has a wired connection to the modem. It is wireless because I have
      a notebook that I work one the den far from the computer area. The notebook
      is wireless. Can anyone get into the notebook without going through the
      modem, if so how do I protect it so people cannot get into it??

      Back to the main problem, how do I get into the W2k OS now that is password
      protected and I do not have the password. I can get into part of it of it
      through the XP hard drive. I went into the bios and changed password
      protect to no password, but it did not change anything. Any Ideas???

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