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  • prog@lomascentral.com
    I d regard the UK as a working legal system and it s true here. It s most often relevant in the case of stolen cars (simply because they re most commonly
    Message 1 of 30 , May 29, 2006
      I'd regard the UK as a 'working' legal system and it's true here.

      It's most often relevant in the case of stolen cars (simply because
      they're most commonly stolen, sold on and found to be stolen) but it's
      true for everything material.

      You cannot be deprived of your ownership by theft.

      Of course the discussion is about intellectual property rather than
      material property.


      Mark Partous wrote:
      > Hello Chris,
      > Monday, May 29, 2006, 9:23:03 AM, you wrote:
      > CD> If you buy a stolen car – not knowing it to be stolen – but later the
      > CD> police or whoever catch up with it, you will find you have lost the car
      > CD> and your money and the only recourse is with the person who sold it to you.
      > I don't know where you are from, but in most "working" legal systems, this is
      > simply NOT true. If the stolen car was sold to someone who, in good faith,
      > bought it, he has become the legitimate owner. It is the original owner who
      > has to try to recuperate from the thief and/or the fence.
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