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Re: [NH] USB Drive version of Notetab Light

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  • Jody
    Hi Lotta, gkluther, and Others... From the HTML List... That s what the [NH] is doing in the Subject. ... The following version (4.86c) is the last
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2006
      Hi Lotta, gkluther, and Others...

      From the HTML List... That's what the [NH] is doing in the Subject. <g>

      >> Does anyone know if there is a version of Notetab Light that
      >> will run from a USB Flash Drive?
      >> I work sometimes in a location that does not allow installing
      >> software and the only editor option is Notepad. There are
      >> features of even Notetab Light that make working with files so
      >> much easier. If I had a USB version then I could use it without
      >> leaving a trace of my usage on the host machine. Now that
      >> would be COOL.
      >Any version, I think. If size matters you could pack/compress it.
      >I ran a compressed Notetab Pro off a floppy and it worked fine.
      >Slow, but fine. There also were a pre-compressed Light or
      >Standard. take a look at the Notetab site. Maybe it's still
      >around. Otherwise this thing does the job.

      The following version (4.86c) is the last compressed version I
      believe and there was a special version made by Eric so that it
      would meet the requirements for the tinyapps.org site. It has the
      compressed executable (exe).

      Like Lotta mentioned, it can run on a floppy disk. The setup file
      is 1.18MB. Once installed choosing a full installation it is too
      big for a floppy. If you do the Compact install, it is
      borderline. I did a Compact install and after deleting some not
      needed files, I got the size on disk: 1.30 MB (1,368,064 bytes).
      I runs real fast on a USB flash drive. They cost too much for me
      to be running it all the time on one. I would think it would put
      a lot of "wear and tear" on it. That's just my 2 cents worth

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