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Re: [NTO] Assembling new computer

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  • Jody
    Hi Mordechai, This is a report to correct a Win98/WinXP typo. I added the fix right in the text below, so if anybody saves these Clip messages, you can delete
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 15, 2006
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      Hi Mordechai,

      This is a report to correct a Win98/WinXP typo. I added the fix
      right in the text below, so if anybody saves these Clip messages,
      you can delete the oldest one from me and keeping this one which
      also corrects some other typos.

      >> In a new computer with two hard disks, one as "Master" on the
      >> primary IDE channel, the second as "Master" on the secondary
      >> IDE channel. (Later a DVD writer will be added as "Slave" to
      >> one of the IDE channels), It will be a dual-boot, Windows 98SE
      >> for experimenting only (testing programs etc.), and Windows XP
      >> Pro as the all-time working OS. I read that Windows 98SE (in
      >> this case) should be installed first.
      >> My questions:
      >> 1. On which disk frefered to install Windows 98SE - the other
      >> will be for the XP pro.
      >Yes, MS says, at least their database, that Win98 should be
      >installed first and that Win98 should be installed next. I had no
      >problems installing 98 first and then XP and I've done it a
      >couple time and on different machines.
      >> 2. Should I use a program like "System Commander" for the dual-
      >> boot or use the option built-in in XP Pro.
      >I've never used "XP Pro" or "System Commander" to do it, but
      >tried with "BootitNG" and "PQMagic." I found PQMagic much easier
      >to use (see my other message). I first partitioned my XP Pro into
      >a half dozen drives. I made the second one my Win98 installation
      >drive when it asked for where to install it (again, use the
      >custom/advanced feature in the Windows setup and chose the
      >folder/drive to install WinXP on).
      >> 3. Since there can be only one Active partition, which one to
      >> set as Active, the one for Windows 98SE or the one for XPPro. I
      >> will like to have your advise about this.
      >A menu popup during boot up and you have it setup for the default
      >time to open your choice of drives and in the time runs out it
      >automatically boots up on the default. Open Boot.ini in NoteTab
      >(found in the Windows C:\ drive in any editor and you can change
      >the default drive to boot up with to like 5 seconds instead of
      >the 30 second default.
      >Note: You can also change the name that Windows show you which
      >installation to use. FWIW, I set mine to 3 seconds: made my
      >default time 3 seconds, and renamed the Microsoft, blah, blah,
      >blah to: Win98 and WinXP. I would make a copy of the boot.ini if
      >you are not familiar with editing the Boot.ini (or make a copy
      >just to cover yourself in case some goes amiss. It is very easy
      >to do. You want the "timeout" and the last "C:\=" under the
      >multi(0) as far as the editing goes. Oh, the Boot.ini will be in
      >C:\ root. That is the last thing you want to do after you see
      >that everything is running correctly. Boot.ini is found on your
      >C:\ drive and may not being showing. (If not, write back or
      >search the permissions, Windows Explorer | Tools | Folder
      >Options..., etc to make it so you can see the file and to open it
      >in NoteTab if you desire to edit it. The following is mine...
      >[boot loader]
      >[operating systems]
      >multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="WinXP" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn


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