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Re: [NTO] knoppix linux

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  • Ed
    acummingsus, You are right of course we are looking at the same thing and as a photographer would say if we change the lighting the girl appears to be a
    Message 1 of 29 , Jan 27, 2006
      You are right of course we are looking at the same thing and as a photographer would say "if we change the lighting the girl appears to be a different woman" and I do need some input on using Linux if you would email me
      at horsefly_38866(REMOVE this)@... . What I was trying to say is the learning curve is much too high for me to take the time to try to get serious with Linux. But if I could get over a few rough spots I am learn to have a greater appreciation for Linux.

      Any other Linux user that would like to discuss Linux you may use the email me at the same address.
      Thanks for your patience
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      --- In ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com, "Ed" <ebrown1927@c...> wrote:
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      > Linux is good to play with but it has a long way to go to catch up
      with Windows. It's GUI is improving however. But using command lines
      is much to slow. While I am entering a command line I can be two or
      three steps ahead in Windows by just clicking. Now if you have to
      enter thirty command lines look how far ahead you can be in Windows.

      Hi Ed. And here's "another side of the moon" (same moon, different
      lighting, view is of a different portion of moon).

      Each of us has the choice. You chose, I choose, others choose.

      And that's grand. I'll not argue that one is better than the other --
      because "it all depends . . ."

      cdr is my alias to burn a cd. (I much prefer command line burn cd's I
      do not use a gui for this task) Simply enter that alias and it
      executes/runs near 30 command lines for me.

      It's too much work and too time consuming for me to mouse click so
      many multiple times using a gui for the cd burning task.

      I use Linux because I can program so many of my tasks. Linux is way
      faster and far less work for me to get my tasks done than if I were to
      use windows.

      So, "it depends". Linux is more macro/programmable friendly than windows.

      And there's Perl which can use a template program to immediately
      create on the fly a specific program and run that created program on
      the fly. (a smart program that both generates and executes the needed

      Ah, but I at times do like the programmable. 30 command lines in a
      script/program as either a one liner or a one clicker -- one click

      NTB programmable text editor <--> Linux programmable OS. (yes Win has
      DOS or commandline .bat files but it is not nearly as expressive as

      Not to mention (Linux) alias which can:


      that can be alias/shortcut which runs 30 command lines.

      Just edit the ~/.bashrc file using your favorite editor.

      al@AB60R:~$ alias
      alias cdr='sudo /home/al/bin/cdrecordeasy'
      alias cmx='chmod u+x'
      alias cups='sudo /usr/local/bin/cups.sh'
      alias d='dir'
      alias dir='/usr/bin/ls $LS_OPTIONS --format=vertical'
      alias diskck='du -s -k -c * | sort -rn'
      alias firew='sudo /usr/local/bin/firehol'
      alias fm='fetchmail -k'
      alias fmck='tail /var/tmp/fetchmail.log'
      alias fmorig='fetchmail -k -l 50275'
      alias hi='history'
      alias hig='history | grep'
      alias httpd='sudo /usr/sbin/apachectl'
      alias ls='/usr/bin/ls $LS_OPTIONS'
      alias lsag='ls -la | grep'
      alias lsg='ls | grep'
      alias mc='. /usr/share/mc/bin/mc-wrapper.sh'
      alias mntcd='mount /mnt/cdrom'
      alias mntflp='mount /mnt/floppy'
      alias newsdl='sudo slrnpull -h news.server.com'
      alias newsr='slrn --spool -i ~/.slrnrc_spool -f ~/.jnewsrc_pull'
      alias prnsrv='sudo /sbin/arp -s -v 00C002505653'
      alias prnsrvck='ping -c 4'
      alias umntcd='umount /mnt/cdrom'
      alias umntflp='umount /mnt/floppy'
      alias v='vdir'
      alias vdir='/usr/bin/ls $LS_OPTIONS --format=long'

      al@AB60R:~$ cat .bashrc
      # 3-10-2005 user al bash settings

      # System wide aliases and functions /etc/bashrc (/etc/profile.d).
      # Personal startup programs should go into ~/.bash_profile.
      # Personal aliases and functions and environment
      # variables should go into ~/.bashrc

      [ -f /etc/profile ] && . /etc/profile
      export PATH=$PATH:/home/al/bin
      biff n
      alias cdr='sudo /home/al/bin/cdrecordeasy'
      alias cmx='chmod u+x'
      alias cups='sudo /usr/local/bin/cups.sh'
      alias diskck='du -s -k -c * | sort -rn'
      alias firew='sudo /usr/local/bin/firehol'
      alias hi='history'
      alias hig='history | grep'
      [ snipped ]


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