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Re: [NTO] Re: [Clip] MakeShortcut command

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Alan, Yeah, I knew there was a Perl to exe product. There is a free one that last I knew is not as easy to use as the for a fee one. I am using Linux at home
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 30, 2005

      Yeah, I knew there was a Perl to exe product. There is a free one that
      last I knew is not as easy to use as the for a fee one.

      I am using Linux at home most of the time. I only use Windows to apply
      the latest bug fixes from Microsoft so the kids can play their games
      that Linux can't quite handle.

      I've been doing some Bash scripting. I figured out how to make it spit
      out a greeting based on morning/afternoon/evening. It sort of reminds me
      of the shell accounts on the mainframe back in college. I can even make
      the bright green on dark green screen, if I really want to reminisce.

      One thing I am trying to get information on, is how to clean up the
      different junk files on Linux. I have found some good links, and it
      seems that there are only a few places to look for files. For Windows,
      there are lots of free ware tools. For Linux it takes some scripting. I
      added some .bashrc aliases to look for big files by different
      extensions, so I can evaluate what to do with them. If I had a need, I
      could also add to my crontab.

      There is a lot of power in Linux, you can get most of it with the GUI
      tools that have been built up, but some of the really cool stuff still
      requires scripting, usually the kind of thing only a computer nerd would
      want to do. For most users who just want to do documents, spreadsheets,
      email, and web browsing, Linux is ready. There are free tools to do it
      all. Even for advanced uses, there are graphics, audio, and video tools.
      There are lots of games, but all the fancy Windows game titles are
      lacking. Some are starting to argue that the days of the PC as a gaming
      platform are limited. I do not buy it. Anybody that plunks down a large
      chunk of cash for a high-end PC will want to use it. I cannot see
      hard-core gamers giving up on the PC. I'm not a hard-core gamer. I grew
      up on Pong, Asteroids and the like. I like the graphics and action of
      the new games, but it is so time-consuming. I like to finish the game,
      so I end up playing all night because I lose track of the time.

      The hard part is getting a Linux distribution that is plug and play
      simple to install like the later versions of Windows. It is getting
      closer all the time. I do not have time, or a spare PC to try all the
      flavors of Linux that are supposed to be a simple install. Once Linux
      has that, and businesses start to use it, then more home users will use
      it. I think that is one way that the Mac on Intel will help. It is BSD
      based (Unix), but Apple made it easy to use like their own Mac OS, they
      just made it too pricey for everybody to have one. If a Mac on Intel was
      in the price range of my current computer, I would get one. But at the
      current prices, I can get two or three PCs or one really powerful one.

      Another benefit, is with Wine, I can still run all my favorite Windows
      tools on Linux, like NoteTab. ;-) If not for my day job, I would go
      weeks without using Windows. ;-)

      Larry Hamilton
      Kairos Computer Solutions
      Sales Affiliate for Grisoft Anti-Virus

      acummingsus wrote:

      >Hi Larry,
      >On/about the topic of exe
      >shareware. can do, can make an exe. I'm not sure whether the PC that
      >is to subsequently run the exe needs EZ Macros installed or not.
      >I don't know if shortcut is a part of what it does.
      >I bought EZ Macros upwards of several years ago through a Fookes
      >Software offer offered at the time.
      >I've used it on and off over the years (and glad I had got it). Run
      >Linux too much now though.
      >Ya see, Linux, folks, loves to be scripted. That's the Linux form of
      >macro. The basics of bash shell programming some people like, others
      >don't. I liked it and found it easy. But I use Perl too. I also use
      >the GUI interface at times too. Right now I'm using Mozilla on Linux
      >it looks nearly the same as it does on Windows.
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