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Re: [NTO] need info on most reliable computer setup under hurricane conditions

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  • Jody
    Hi Blake, ... That surely brings back memories! When I did my 10 years time ;) in the US Army, we had different levels of alerts. I forget the exact
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 21, 2005
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      Hi Blake,

      >I will digest what you've written and get back to you maybe in
      >the morning. I'm staying with some docs and nurses and will get
      >a cat-nap soon. Maybe eraly tomorrow my computer contacts will
      >be able to get through to me about the very thing that "Mike
      >Hopkins" wrote about....Personally, and from my just recent
      >experience, I want a Mack Truck and NOT a sleek Maseratti for
      >guaranteed tyransport across varying terrain including flood
      >waters and rocky shoals. Never again will I be looking at
      >computers from the race car point of view.
      >I will get back to you soon as many people now need to know what
      >they're up against if really worse things--terrorist acts--
      >eventuate and destroy computer centers or worse with LARGE bombs!

      That surely brings back memories! When I did my 10 years time ;)
      in the US Army, we had different levels of alerts. I forget the
      exact terminology, but level 1 was like full MOPP (?) gear
      (rubber boots, pants, top, head, and protection mask) for four
      hours for already on site personnel, and a 4 hour call in for
      another group of the company/site to be in in the same gear, and
      24 hour list. Level 2 might have been like all the runner stuff
      with protection mask on person, the 4 hour call in list, and also
      the 24 hour list.

      My point is, that if you really want to push for good hospital
      emergency procedures is you have redundancy for all types of
      connects to the email, the net, etc. (as far as computers go; all
      your other communication types involved), is to run emergency
      test runs!!! Yes, the employees will gripe, whine, etc. (maybe
      not in your area now that they were HIT so hard), but I would
      push for a nationwide plan of test runs and what
      equipment/technology to use. I cannot repeat redundancy enough of
      the equipment used, personnel to run it and run it in "peace
      time" and have alerts so that there are people that are backups
      and backups deep. Heck, in your area I would issue john boats and
      let them go fishing with them to make sure they knew how to use
      them and were available with communications if a disaster hit.
      The plan would have to be loose enough to fit the area of the
      country it was in. A John boat would be useless (I think) in the
      tall Rocky Mountains. :) Well, off to bed, movie first though.
      Hope and pray all keeps on the up and up for you guys.

      >Thanks again for the "novel."

      You are most welcome!

      Happy Topics,

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