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Re: [NTO] Re: Long web pages [was: Working with Adobe PDF docs.]

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  • r. blake mooney
    Carol, See below. Blake Carol Whitney wrote: Hi Blake, Good to hear from you - hope you re safe and passably comfortable - I gather
    Message 1 of 37 , Sep 3, 2005
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      See below.


      Carol Whitney <cwhitney@...> wrote:
      Hi Blake,

      Good to hear from you - hope you're safe and passably comfortable - I
      gather you fled from the New Orleans area? [Yep--one flew over the cuckoo's nest named Nawyuns]. It's such a bad situation,
      as you mention.

      At 17:25 05-09-03 -0700, r. blake mooney wrote:
      >I have a sec between alerts--N.O. and flood--but few publishers will
      >even look at a MS loaded with color!

      Yer kidding <g>. [No.] Hey, who said anything about a manuscript? [You seemned to be indicating that to me when I previously mentioned the book I was transferring--as an outline--from a web site, and you replied you were thinking of that.] Or do
      some people make web pages with the idea of submitting them as
      manuscripts? [Yes. Many. Good way to check out the depth of one's knowledge, do supporting research, test diff. formats, maybe even discover better story line or approach much diff. from what you originally conceived. Consider what your site is all about and ask yourself how well you're telling your story and then ask the dreaded question: am I a bore. One cannot bore if one expects to hold even one listener, reader, viewer, etc.] I hadn't heard of such a thing, but I imagine it would
      be possible. Actually, one of my articles went first to a magazine in
      Poland <g>. Not in Polish, though; it got translated. I can't even
      read my own article <gg>. [Chk GOOGLE and submit it to them or search for the cheapest translator online].

      > They want b&w and expect you to know that. Most will only accept
      > MSs with color from "published and selling authors!"

      They WILL? ["They WILL?" meaning the pubs will only accept "unusual" MS formats or colors from PROVEN authors!] I hadn't heard of that, either <gg>.

      >For text publication, never send anything but appropriately
      >formatted 8.5 X 11 inch white paper using black ink!

      Now we've switched media again - back to the old-fashioned stuff -
      paper! (I submitted the article for the Polish (polished?) magazine
      by email. [Consider your publisher: the medium displaying your work depends on the format the online people demand! Medscape/Medline have a very strict formatting process to force all authors to present their cases exactly alike in order to maintain their scientific approach. HUSTLER mag has another format style, Sports-Illustrated another still. All have length requirements no matter whentehr online or mag, journal, book].

      Wow; never did that before. I did once submit a manuscript
      with illustrations of sorts (musical notation). I can't even remember
      how, but I think maybe it was camera-ready copy. It was a looooong
      time ago (relatively speaking).

      > A query letter to the publisher would be smart before even sending
      > the best MS today. "Over-the-transom" MSs are last to be seen or
      > read. Hope you know you publisher well.

      I don't have a publisher, and I'm not looking for one, Have no idea
      where you might have gotten that impression. [See above--you wrote that you were--when I have cleaned up things around here I'll do a search of your docs and send it on].

      My web site is simply my
      computer-screen playground. But as Greg Chapman suggested, I truly do
      need a print media style sheet, because I tend to forget some people
      have printers and actually like to print web pages. THEN, as I think
      he mentioned, color also becomes a BIG concern. [It angers many people and most don't even use the color cartridges. Maybe teachers of kids age 5 through 10 use color. HP knows this and so does Wal-Mart and the latter laid in $14.95 BLACK generic cartridges last year].

      One of the things I do occasionally is view my pages without a style
      sheet; not a bad idea. They look different that way.

      If I had the savvy I sort of half once had, I'd install Lynx on my
      system; it would be fun and useful. I used it on my DOS machine
      before I got full Internet access. At the time, I was using QEdit as
      my text editor - then the Semware editor. Great programs, but the
      Semware editor was pretty well beyond me. Too bad; it was obviously a
      fine program.

      I'm suddenly reminded that also, I played for a time with ASCII
      drawings. Can't do that with proportional fonts! After a big storm, I
      did an ASCII drawing of the setup I used to keep my animals and me
      warm in four days without power. My previous experience with that had
      been a big ice-storm in Connecticut, winter of 73, I think - five or
      six days wtihout power; temps below zero (Fahrenheit); we have
      Celsius here in Canada. Adaptation is strange; I was boiling hot
      after the power finally came back on.

      >I sometimes send 5 or 6 queries to the editor-in-chief in an effort
      >to precisely clarify what it is he/she e xpects from me. I try to
      >add factoid-like statements from the orig. MS to show him/her what
      >subject I'm covering and to enlighten them on what slant and tone
      >I'm taking with the piece. Best to change these latter 2 elements
      >as you select dif. mags. and book publishers as per their current
      >style and what they're wanting in their medium.

      Great tips; if I ever go searching for a publisher, I'll keep those
      in mind; thanks!

      >Sorry I can't help more but must leave in search of a good meal. No
      >grocery stores open. Watch N.O. for first signs of epidemic. Water
      >borne diseases abound normally in 3rd world countries! A "certain"
      >immunity can be acquired there but not in N.O. This city will
      >never be re-built! It's too low!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Boy; you're probably right. It's really heartbreaking, all of it. I
      have no TV, and at times like this, am just about glad of that. Hope
      you're okay, Blake. Stay with us.

      Sat, 03 Sep 2005 21:30:50
      Carol Whitney
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    • Carol Whitney
      ... So I m using Firefox; I avoid IE whenever possible. Using Opera sometimes too, but Firefox s Webdeveloper toolbar works better than Opera s does, so I use
      Message 37 of 37 , Sep 4, 2005
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        At 00:10 05-09-05 +0100, Greg Chapman wrote:
        >If you "View Source" on any page on the site you'll see that the
        >line about style sheets is:
        ><LINK rel="stylesheet" href="prneastwalton.css" type="text/css"
        >You know that the site is at:
        >so just point your browser at:
        >and it should download into Internet Explorer, or whatever
        >application you have set to open CSS files.

        So I'm using Firefox; I avoid IE whenever possible. Using Opera
        sometimes too, but Firefox's Webdeveloper toolbar works better than
        Opera's does, so I use that most of the time.

        >Try the same technique on:
        >another of my sites which uses the same general technique.

        Thanks; I got that also. Need to study now! And figure out how to set
        things up so the visitor can choose. Well, I guess I also need to
        save your page source, so I'll do that too; it must have a place from
        which to choose.

        Firefox gave me a menu from the Webdeveloper toolbar from which to
        choose, but that wouldn't be how a person, say, using IE, would
        choose, nor one using a browser without Ff's webdeveloper toolbar. So
        I'll be back again.

        >I'll be away from my computer for a while after tomorrow, so there
        >may be a delay in responses from me.

        Well, I have too many delays (sometimes permanent) in replies - just
        because I get into severe overload, and can't do everything. I do try
        to reply to such helpful posts as yours <g>

        Thanks a million!

        Sun, 04 Sep 2005 16:44:24
        Carol Whitney
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