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Re: Long web pages [was: Working with Adobe PDF docs.]

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  • Carol Whitney
    Hi Blake, Good to hear from you - hope you re safe and passably comfortable - I gather you fled from the New Orleans area? It s such a bad situation, as you
    Message 1 of 37 , Sep 3, 2005
      Hi Blake,

      Good to hear from you - hope you're safe and passably comfortable - I
      gather you fled from the New Orleans area? It's such a bad situation,
      as you mention.

      At 17:25 05-09-03 -0700, r. blake mooney wrote:
      >I have a sec between alerts--N.O. and flood--but few publishers will
      >even look at a MS loaded with color!

      Yer kidding <g>. Hey, who said anything about a manuscript? Or do
      some people make web pages with the idea of submitting them as
      manuscripts? I hadn't heard of such a thing, but I imagine it would
      be possible. Actually, one of my articles went first to a magazine in
      Poland <g>. Not in Polish, though; it got translated. I can't even
      read my own article <gg>.

      > They want b&w and expect you to know that. Most will only accept
      > MSs with color from "published and selling authors!"

      They WILL? I hadn't heard of that, either <gg>.

      >For text publication, never send anything but appropriately
      >formatted 8.5 X 11 inch white paper using black ink!

      Now we've switched media again - back to the old-fashioned stuff -
      paper! (I submitted the article for the Polish (polished?) magazine
      by email. Wow; never did that before. I did once submit a manuscript
      with illustrations of sorts (musical notation). I can't even remember
      how, but I think maybe it was camera-ready copy. It was a looooong
      time ago (relatively speaking).

      > A query letter to the publisher would be smart before even sending
      > the best MS today. "Over-the-transom" MSs are last to be seen or
      > read. Hope you know you publisher well.

      I don't have a publisher, and I'm not looking for one, Have no idea
      where you might have gotten that impression. My web site is simply my
      computer-screen playground. But as Greg Chapman suggested, I truly do
      need a print media style sheet, because I tend to forget some people
      have printers and actually like to print web pages. THEN, as I think
      he mentioned, color also becomes a BIG concern.

      One of the things I do occasionally is view my pages without a style
      sheet; not a bad idea. They look different that way.

      If I had the savvy I sort of half once had, I'd install Lynx on my
      system; it would be fun and useful. I used it on my DOS machine
      before I got full Internet access. At the time, I was using QEdit as
      my text editor - then the Semware editor. Great programs, but the
      Semware editor was pretty well beyond me. Too bad; it was obviously a
      fine program.

      I'm suddenly reminded that also, I played for a time with ASCII
      drawings. Can't do that with proportional fonts! After a big storm, I
      did an ASCII drawing of the setup I used to keep my animals and me
      warm in four days without power. My previous experience with that had
      been a big ice-storm in Connecticut, winter of 73, I think - five or
      six days wtihout power; temps below zero (Fahrenheit); we have
      Celsius here in Canada. Adaptation is strange; I was boiling hot
      after the power finally came back on.

      >I sometimes send 5 or 6 queries to the editor-in-chief in an effort
      >to precisely clarify what it is he/she e xpects from me. I try to
      >add factoid-like statements from the orig. MS to show him/her what
      >subject I'm covering and to enlighten them on what slant and tone
      >I'm taking with the piece. Best to change these latter 2 elements
      >as you select dif. mags. and book publishers as per their current
      >style and what they're wanting in their medium.

      Great tips; if I ever go searching for a publisher, I'll keep those
      in mind; thanks!

      >Sorry I can't help more but must leave in search of a good meal. No
      >grocery stores open. Watch N.O. for first signs of epidemic. Water
      >borne diseases abound normally in 3rd world countries! A "certain"
      >immunity can be acquired there but not in N.O. This city will
      >never be re-built! It's too low!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Boy; you're probably right. It's really heartbreaking, all of it. I
      have no TV, and at times like this, am just about glad of that. Hope
      you're okay, Blake. Stay with us.

      Sat, 03 Sep 2005 21:30:50
      Carol Whitney
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    • Carol Whitney
      ... So I m using Firefox; I avoid IE whenever possible. Using Opera sometimes too, but Firefox s Webdeveloper toolbar works better than Opera s does, so I use
      Message 37 of 37 , Sep 4, 2005
        At 00:10 05-09-05 +0100, Greg Chapman wrote:
        >If you "View Source" on any page on the site you'll see that the
        >line about style sheets is:
        ><LINK rel="stylesheet" href="prneastwalton.css" type="text/css"
        >You know that the site is at:
        >so just point your browser at:
        >and it should download into Internet Explorer, or whatever
        >application you have set to open CSS files.

        So I'm using Firefox; I avoid IE whenever possible. Using Opera
        sometimes too, but Firefox's Webdeveloper toolbar works better than
        Opera's does, so I use that most of the time.

        >Try the same technique on:
        >another of my sites which uses the same general technique.

        Thanks; I got that also. Need to study now! And figure out how to set
        things up so the visitor can choose. Well, I guess I also need to
        save your page source, so I'll do that too; it must have a place from
        which to choose.

        Firefox gave me a menu from the Webdeveloper toolbar from which to
        choose, but that wouldn't be how a person, say, using IE, would
        choose, nor one using a browser without Ff's webdeveloper toolbar. So
        I'll be back again.

        >I'll be away from my computer for a while after tomorrow, so there
        >may be a delay in responses from me.

        Well, I have too many delays (sometimes permanent) in replies - just
        because I get into severe overload, and can't do everything. I do try
        to reply to such helpful posts as yours <g>

        Thanks a million!

        Sun, 04 Sep 2005 16:44:24
        Carol Whitney
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